On the front page of the May 24 issue of the Wilkes Journal-Patriot, we once again read about a convicted juvenile sex offender who had been put on probation in a story headlined, “Sex offender faces charges in new case.”

I wonder who was watching the offender while he was on probation?

I wonder who was taking care of the juvenile victim? 

As long as the punishment does not fit the crime, these crimes will continue.

As recognized by the article, the crime did in fact continue.

Why? Because the offender was given probation instead of incarceration. 

When will our justice system realize that when it comes to our children, the punishment must fit the crime.

Probation does not fit this crime. 

Many thanks to the judge who finally put the convicted juvenile sex offender where he needs to be.

Incarceration does fit the crime for all convicted juvenile sex offenders. 


Wilkesboro, N.C.

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