Poverty in the U.S. is mostly self-inflicted. In capitalist America, even a modest commitment to work and self-discipline could almost abolish it.

Instead, Democratic politicians perpetuate poverty, seeing it as a source of many votes. They create even more poor people by making them dependent on government subsidies. So, while poverty could actually be largely defeated, it is not in the interest of Democratic politicians to do so.

Federal and state governments create and extend it by paying those unwilling to work, knowing prolonged charity produces an endless supply of paupers and more votes for Democrats.


Elkin, N.C.

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This letter is disturbing. I’m deeply saddened that people in this world actually have distorted ideals about people who are suffering. I highly recommend Dr. Merlo do additional research on the causes of poverty. Perhaps read The Faces is Poverty in NC by Gene Nichol. There are many living in poverty who actually work jobs, pay taxes, and care for families on minimal earnings. Dr. Merlo, I challenge you expand your research and ideals about those who are suffering in poverty.

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