This is in regard to Dr. Richard Merlo’s letter in the Nov. 15 issue (“Poverty good for Democrats”).

It is very evident that Merlo was born into wealth. He is ignorant to the differences of living in poverty versus wealth.

Poverty has very little to do with politics.

Only people willing to live in extreme poverty prefer to live on subsidies rather than work.

Many are people who work many hours in public jobs for low pay.

Everyone is not born equal, and many do not have the money or ability to achieve a higher education. Does that mean they are of less value to society?

Merlo should try living on a 60-hour work week at $9 per-hour (much more than minimum wage) and see how far above the poverty level he and his family could live.

He would then be more qualified to write such a letter as was published in the Nov. 15 issue.

Merlo may have the required education to be a great doctor, but his total lack of empathy is very questionable and disturbing.


Ronda, N.C.

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