For all his talk of unifying the country, Joe Biden and his administration have caused more strife and division than ever in our country. The constant cry of white supremacy, racism and the never-ending tirade of blaming the past administration is sure proof that not only do we have a president and Democratic leaders in Washington who have no plan, but they hate this country.

You can't turn on mainstream news media without hearing the constant spewing of all the above, but they have undisputedly lost all credibility anyway. Mainstream media has truly lost their way.

Our borders are overrun due to rhetoric by the current president about open borders and halting the building of the wall. He clearly gave these children and people the green light to come to the United States from as far away as Yemen and here they are. It is the worst border crisis we have had in 20 years. The timing could not be worse. Not only has our country been devastated by death and sickness and schools and businesses closed due to a pandemic, but we have illegal immigrants coming into our borders who are testing positive for COVID-19. They will need medical care and other services, taxing the system even more.

If Republicans or anyone dare say a word, we are accused of being racist and hating these people coming because they are people of color. This is insanity. But what about America? Don't we have the right to protect our own people? What is wrong with just following current law on legal immigration procedure? 

Time to pray and act my fellow Americans. Pray first for God to impart wisdom to our leaders and give us leaders in Washington who actually care about this country. Churches and Christians and places of worship should be making our country a priority on their prayer list and during their prayer time every time they meet.

Secondly, get involved by calling legislators in Washington and make your voice heard. Let them know how you feel about the current happenings in our country. The Washington Capitol switchboard is:202-224-3121. Call that number and ask for Sen. Thom Tillis, Sen. Richard Burr or Congresswoman Virginia Foxx. You generally get voicemail so just leave a message with your name and address and phone number. We must hold our elected officials accountable in Washington and for this to happen they must hear from us. The bringing together of our great country depends on the prayers and actions of its citizens.


Wilkesboro, N.C.

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