Angry trolls were recently spotted hard at work in Wilkesboro.

That’s the most misleading statement I’ve typed in some time.

More accurately, Angry Troll Brewing in Elkin has expanded to Wilkesboro by leasing beer-making equipment owned here by local businessman Sonny Church.

Angry Troll’s brewmeister, Meredith Gotz, has five brews in the works near Stardust Cellars & Taproom off Curtis Bridge Road, in the building that Church owns. She started brewing them on June 1 and expects them to be available by the end of July.

In an interview last week, Gotz said she’s brewing a cream ale, Scotch ale, West Coast IPA, brown ale and red ale in the Brushy Mountain Water Co. building.

“We are using the Stardust location solely as a production facility in order to get a standard lineup of beers out to neighboring bars and restaurants,” she explained.

Church purchased the seven-barrel system in 2016, but this is the first time they’ve been put into production. Church wanted to start brewing his own beer there as Great State Brewery a couple years ago, but those plans fell through due to a series of setbacks.

“Honestly, we really lucked out with being given the opportunity to lease this system from Sonny,” Gotz indicated. “We started looking at the possibility in 2019 and worked on permitting and finding a keg washer. COVID unfortunately required us to slow down our planning; however, even with restrictions, we saw our beer moving faster than ever before.”

Angry Troll has been brewing since April 2017. One of its first beers released was a coffee stout made in collaboration with North Wilkesboro-based Anchor Coffee.

“I believe that this last year has given us the opportunity to focus in on what our guests are looking for in a craft beer, and designing some delicious new options that have quickly become favorites,” said Gotz.

“Our main goal is to keep our local drinkers drinking local, and inviting those in the surrounding counties to come give Elkin and Wilkesboro a try.”

Gotz crafts all her brews from locally sourced ingredients. Currently, in Elkin she’s got a coffee milk stout, Scotch ale and grapefruit shandy on tap in the downtown brewhouse that was originally a tobacco warehouse built in 1917.

A native of Florida, Gotz started in 2015 as a pub brewer at Foothills Brewing in Winston-Salem before landing at Angry Troll in 2019. “I’ve really enjoyed bringing my professional experiences to the smallest brewery I’ve ever worked for and love having the opportunity to create new beers for our tiny town.”

The first commercial beers brewed and sold in Wilkes were those tapped and canned in October 2019 by TwoBoros Brewery in downtown Wilkesboro. TwoBoros continues to put out quality brews, most recently debuting a canned mocha stout in March.

The presence of Angry Troll in Wilkesboro means additional opportunities for craft beer fans to find super fresh, locally-sourced offerings in more area locations.

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