If all men were really created equal, we'd all be as smart as Thomas Jefferson, but we're not. So, his oft repeated phrase seems to have been just political rhetoric. Talent, ability, intellect are unevenly distributed, and all men are not created equal.

Absurdly, many on the political left believe all must be equal, and are at pains to create equality where it doesn't exist. It is simply too difficult, they believe, to bring lower achievers up, and they've decided to bring the better learners down. Oregon, for example, recently abolished a high school competency exam (math, reading, writing) and may abolish the bar exam for new lawyers.

Lowering standards means people who are below average won't get good jobs, and they are the ones who most need elevating. Meanwhile, as China's young are number one in academic achievement, dumbing-down in the U.S. has put us at number 25. Never mind, says the progressive left, we'll be way ahead in critical race theory and social justice, and that's what really counts.


Elkin, N.C.

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