As our county prepares for the worst of the Coronavirus Pandemic to strike, a local business has stepped up to help our system deal with this challenge.

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In the Wilkes Journal Patriot of March 27, 2020, “Jerry Hudler explained that as a self-employed business owner, he can’t draw unemployment benefits because he doesn’t pay into the tax.”

What has happened to the God-fearing Wilkes County in which I grew up? With absolutely nothing but fear of this virus, not only has the Constitution been suspended, but churches have been forbidden from meeting. Please take a moment to process this: by decree, churches cannot meet.

Can you win a war hiding in your house? I don’t think so, but here I am, hiding in my house. I spent most of the day wiping household surfaces with alcohol, and the rest retraining myself not to touch my face.

Since cooking is not my favorite thing to do (grilled cheese and tomato soup is my specialty) and to give my wife a break, I patronize the restaurants in Wilkes fairly regularly. Therefore, we’re very grateful that the gallant restaurant owners have remained open, and the brave cooks and ser…

Germs and viruses love gas pumps. They’re cool, damp and made of metal and hard plastic, If we don’t want to transfer whatever was left on them by the last 200 coughing and sneezing customers to our steering wheel and then our face, we should be extra vigilant there.

Since the outbreak of the coronavirus in this country, people have begun buying up food up in high quantities without regard for their fellow man. Store shelves are becoming bare because of irrational fear, causing others to suffer.

I’m feeling quite annoyed at the residents in Wilkes County and other parts of North Carolina for allowing our beautiful countryside to become their personal trash bin.

The truth is that we can all dance around the maypoles of political parties, primaries and general elections, but until the nation’s Electoral College is taken into custody by every American, votes are so much confetti in the wind.

The MerleFest website recently posted a coronavirus statement; a good first step. For now, subject to change, the plan is to hold MerleFest on schedule with an increased emphasis on sanitation on site.

As a rural community, Wilkes County residents seem to feel that all this “political stuff” has no bearing on their day to day lives. Nothing could be further from the truth.

I’m concerned after reading the Feb. 12 article in this newspaper about our local domestic violence shelter, Sheltered Aid to Families in Emergencies (SAFE) Inc., closing on Feb. 14 due to lack of funding. This is a huge loss to our county and region.

The “Keep America Beautiful” program may have been a sham (it was), and the “Crying Indian” from the 1970s may have been a hoax (Italian actor), but these events and “Earth Day” left an indelible mark on my life. Others of a certain age surely remember also.

The Blackburn family would like to thank all those who helped in the search for Andrew, the missing 11-year-old boy who was missing for several hours on Jan. 20 off N.C. 115. As a believer in Christ, we have hope and peace in knowing that God is in the midst.

I am writing to thank North Wilkesboro residents for sharing the true meaning of Christmas with children in need this past holiday season.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Wilkesboro Councilman Russell F. Ferree wrote the following as an open letter to North Wilkesboro Commissioner Andrew Palmer in response to Palmer’s guest column, “Be bold with change for a better future in Wilkes” (Jan. 17 issue).

The medical community and public are encountering early and frightening medical reports concerning those using e-cigarettes (vaping).

I was going through a stack of paperwork piled up through the holidays, and found an article in the Wilkes Journal-Patriot I saved to re-read in less hectic times, which I did.

Born in a place called Big Ivy in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Wilkes County, my mother had a brother named Sheridan Miller, a World War I veteran. Sheridan had a son he named Kevin.

I recently spent about 10 hours in the emergency room at Wilkes Medical Center, transported there by Wilkes Emergency Medical Services. My thanks goes out to all involved in my excellent care.

The “machine gun” noise of engine compression brakes (“jake brakes”) on trucks in the U.S. 421 corridor in Wilkesboro is a public nuisance, especially if the trucks are improperly muffled.

Thank you, Wilkes Playmakers, for getting my Christmas season off to such a great start. Your production of “The Best Christmas Pageant Ever” was a joy to watch. Its mixture of mirth, message and Messiah reminds us that we should love the unlovable, that Jesus is the reason for the season an…

I am sure you will receive many responses to the article in the Dec. 3 issue, “Need for unity in Wilkes cited.”

I applaud the plain and frank words of Larry and Diane Stone in the Dec. 3 issue of the Wilkes Journal-Patriot (“Need for unity in Wilkes cited,” speaking on the need for unity in Wilkes.)

Thanks for the excellent article, “Christmas Love Light Tree lit in honor of Dr. Jerry Pinkerton” (Nov. 29).

Nov. 21 was National Rural Health Day – a day to celebrate the grit and ingenuity of rural communities like Wilkes County. It was a time to give thanks to tireless and selfless rural healthcare providers, community health workers, health educators, public servants and others who work to keep…

This is in regard to Dr. Richard Merlo’s letter in the Nov. 15 issue (“Poverty good for Democrats”).

Poverty in the U.S. is mostly self-inflicted. In capitalist America, even a modest commitment to work and self-discipline could almost abolish it.

There are lots of us out here - veterans that is. We appreciate not only well-wishers, but also our service to our nation. Some were drafted, some enlisted and some commissioned, and yet the words duty, honor, and country impressed us enough to fulfill that duty.

I would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to everyone who has sent condolences after the passing of my husband, Charles Hale Sr.

It’s voting time once again. We should all be engaged in doing what is right to better our town. Get out and vote, and vote for the right people. Let’s get our town back on its feet. Don’t complain and then do nothing about the town’s problems. We, the people, are the system and we need a ch…

I recently was fortunate to attend the 239th anniversary of the Battle of Kings Mountain at Kings Mountain National Military Park in South Carolina. I didn’t realize that this battle was the turning point of the Revolutionary War, which secured our freedom as a nation.

“Love others, don’t judge,” “Inclusion, not division needed” and “Compassion is the answer” are the titles of three lengthy letters recently published in the Wilkes Journal-Patriot,  all reflecting and promoting abortion and the LGBTQ lifestyle in response to a letter from Rev. Ken Pardue, w…

This is an open letter to Wilkes County Sheriff Chris Shew to let you and your entire staff know how much the citizens of Wilkes County appreciate your hard work of protecting us and our children from a cancer of drugs that not only destroys a person’s life but destroys our entire community,…

We wish to express a big thank you to every individual and every business that helped with the  pinto bean supper fundraiser for Trooper Chris Wooten of the N.C. Highway Patrol.

A certain perspective continues to attempt to persuade individuals to limit the rights of others. The social issues surrounding abortion and same-sex familial units should be simple in answering. The masses cannot and the government shall not limit an individual’s choices and rights.

This letter is in response to the letter to the editor, “2 issues hurt Biblical family,” in the Sept. 20 issue. The cited issues are abortion and same-sex marriage. The author challenges Christians to have courage and take a moral stand.

In the Sept 20 issue, the Rev. Ken Pardue addressed two issues that he stated were hurting the “Biblical family.” What constitutes the “Biblical family?” The definition changes frequently in biblical references and includes the nuclear family and outright polygamy. Which one is considered Bi…

Homeless people in Wilkes County are losing a shelter that has been helping the less fortunate for many years. Just down the street, Franklin Graham is getting a new taxiway for his planned aircraft hangar, funded by state taxpayers. I would rather my tax money help the homeless instead of G…

In his column on Saloon Studio and the Woodstock event held in August in West Jefferson (“Woodstock tribute in Ashe,” Aug. 27) Mr. Marty McGee stated that they have an “outstanding light and sound system that resonates throughout the hills of West Jefferson.”

It’s time for the Wilkes County commissioners to act on constructing a spec building for manufacturing to provide higher paying jobs for our county and assist with keeping younger adults living and working in the county. The spec building could either be constructed with public funds or a co…

On behalf of the family and friends of our fallen hero, State Trooper Samuel Bullard, we would like to express our heartfelt thanks to all those who showed their support during this most difficult time. We have seen and felt God’s love in many ways through the actions of businesses, organiza…

One cannot help but be aware of mass shootings, drug and alcohol problems, random violence and the general harshness of the population reported on a daily basis in the media.