Kim Caudill, director of the Wilkes County Board of Elections, and her staff deserve the gratitude of the citizens of our county for conducting the November election in such a professional, competent manner. All the poll workers took the necessary precautions to insure the safety of the vote…

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Our governor has given us until Dec. 7 to start consistently wearing masks and for businesses to do their part. Now, more counties are in the critical status that Wilkes is in. Now is not the time to be obstinate because of one political party or another. It is also not the time for our loca…

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Per the dropping off of unwanted cats and dogs addressed in a recent letter to the editor, I am in great sympathy. Someone dropped off a kitten at my house in early June. It looked like a baby red fox and was trying to get into my chicken pen. When I live trapped it, I realized it was a kitt…

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Change in the news presented in the Wilkes Journal-Patriot has been a positive. When the newspaper ownership changed, I was concerned it would mean the loss of our local news.

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It has been my great honor to volunteer and now serve on the board of directors for the Hospitality House of Northwest N.C. since retiring from the Wilkes Journal-Patriot in June 2018.

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During this pandemic, most folks are a bit afraid to fly. So, what are they doing? They’re making shorter, drivable trips and spending their money closer to home. Wilkes County is seeing the benefit of this transition and should for the foreseeable future. Wilkes County rental properties are…

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The news of the Wilkes Journal-Patriot’s sale to Kentucky-based Paxton Media Group is bittersweet. It’s encouraging to know that their reporting and coverage will live on under the ownership of PMG, but it’s sad that the changing business model has made it so difficult for locally-owned news…

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Shame on you, whoever dumped out five helpless kittens barely weaned on Cora Caudill Road. We have an animal shelter that will come pick up unwanted animals at your convenience.

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I recently attended a North Wilkesboro Board of Adjustment meeting regarding the Catherine H. Barber Memorial Homeless Shelter and its desire to relocate from temporary accommodations into a vacant facility at 106 Elkin Hwy, across from the old Carolina Mirror complex.

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Most Americans believe in truth over lies, good over evil and love over hate. Most Americans would agree with democracy over dictatorship.

During the pandemic, we have become aware of how nurses, doctors and other workers in hospitals are working long hours and exposing themselves to the danger of COVID-19.  We honor these people and call them heroes.

I have a couple of memories of playing the piano for my mother while she was in the Taylorsville House, a nursing home in Alexander County, that I would like to share.

How would you like a job that pays nothing, requires lots of training and asks you to work all different hours, day and night?

This post is about a country in turmoil. There is no political agenda. Just a call for humans to start considering the welfare of our neighbors and family instead of using the term “civil rights” as an excuse to continually endanger others by not wearing masks and demanding that public place…

For years, when I taught school, I wondered silently if newly elected school board members were taken somewhere and previously determined in some way, so that when they met as a board, they just echoed whatever the central office staff wanted, whether it made sense or not.

Returning to class will be different from what we were used to. However, I believe that the school plan is a good idea because we won’t lose classes completely.

Imagine your pet dog or cat is expecting babies soon and has just been thrown in a metal dumpster with no way out. Wouldn’t you be outraged? Recently, a wonderful good Samaritan that I met had just that emotion and rescued a mama cat in a dumpster. She soon gave birth to a litter of four kit…

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Returning to class will be different from what we were used to. However, I believe the Wilkes county school plan is a good idea because we won’t lose classes completely.

I’m 69 years old and grew up in the 1950s and ‘60s. Things have changed racially since then. We have interracial couples and marriages and bi-racial children.

I’m so grateful that I was born when this country was run by members of the Greatest Generation. They were raised during the Great Depresson, where you took nothing for granted. They were taught from an early age to love their country and have respect their elders (or else).

From what I can tell, we all would desperately like for this COVID-19 pandemic to come to an end. I really do not like wearing my mask, and I desperately miss being out and about with family and friends just doing “stuff.”

In regard to Dave Wolfe’s letter (June 17 issue, “Dems have no achievements”), I must say that to have such a poor opinion of Kathyrn Charles and the Democratic Party of Wilkes, he offers little to no validation. Furthermore, Mr. Wolfe himself created an article riddled with inaccuracies by …

I have to take exception to the letter printed in the June 10 issue of the Wilkes Journal-Patriot (“Move ahead in unity as nation”) from Kathryn Charles, chairman of the Wilkes County Democratic Party. Although well written, it is full of inaccuracies.

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The Wilkesboro council introduced a new sign ordinance at its meeting Monday night. The town planner emphasized then that reasons to do this included to promote business activity and manage potential problems.

Along with the rest of the country, we have watched in dismay as events continue to unfold following the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis.

It has come to my attention (through news media commentary) that spray painting graffiti on homes, public buildings, and automobiles in America is no longer a crime, but an exercise of one’s First Amendment Rights.

As if we need more reason to pick the flesh off each other’s soul, now we have the mask conflict. I was in Walmart in Wilkesboro recently not wearing a mask over my face but I did not sneeze, speak, smile or say hello until I got to the register where one of my favorite cashiers was wearing …

I was surprised and very pleased with your choosing to honor Pozy Roten as a World War II veteran who is buried in Europe. Pozy was my wife’s uncle.

When I recently spoke with Sylvia Robinson, the community leader, teacher and a personal mentor who I have always called, “Coach,” she said if she could go back and live her life all over again she would always be a teacher.  I felt humbled by the integrity of this statement and proud to be …

It is interesting that you are giving this county little to no information, regarding what is “really” going on at Tyson. Why aren’t you reporting their infected numbers?

The recent Wilkes Journal-Patriot article about proposed water rate increases in the Town of North Wilkesboro’s draft budget   raised several questions. Why now?

Despite the government’s frightening warnings, this pandemic may not be as bad as predicted. There were more U.S. deaths (80,000) during 2017-18 winter flu. From another perspective, 740 people died daily in California before the coronavirus, which was expected to add three more.

Signs at drive-through lines asking clients to consider turning off engines while waiting could save gas/diesel and money as well as make less pollution for all of us to breathe. Signs asking folks in drive through lines not to blow smoke out windows when other vehicles are near also would b…

The “Supply chain break” comment will probably mean many empty meat departments at the grocery stores. Not because there is a shortage but because of panic buying.

Right now, COVID-19 is present and always in our thoughts. Like you, Wilkes Community Partnership for Children shares your concern as we wait patiently for this to pass.

The Tyson Foods  plant in Indiana reports 900 of 2,200 employees (and rising) have tested positive for COVID-19. The facility plans to close (obviously).

Passion is what brought each of us to the board table for Communities In Schools of Northwest North Carolina (CISNWNC). We believed students needed help, support and opportunities to grow and become all they could be. Each of us still believe in that mission now, because our children need us.

Some local citizens are complaining about restrictions associated with the COVID-19 pandemic. Recently, I overheard a gentlemen state that, “Wilkes ain’t New York and this was ridiculous.” This same man was standing not even one to two feet behind me. I could literally feel him breathing dow…

How can the stay at home order be justified for another month when the number of people with the virus in Wilkes County is only five and has not increased any more in the last three weeks.

I am certainly relieved to know that four of five Wilkes County commissioners have vast experience with the medical profession and, more specifically, new infectious diseases, and propose lifting the statewide COVID-19 restrictions for the county, “because people are hurting.”