Yard sale season is upon us. When we had an estate sale of our parents’ things earlier this month, a young lady walked off with a box of about 30 sheets. I caught up with her at her car and tried to get her to pay up, but she drove off. Rule 1 is don’t steal. That’s God’s rule.

My mother has a huge vine growing at the porch. Everyone that came commented on it. One lady asked if she could get a small cutting to root. She took a knife and began to butcher this plant.

Please be respectful of peoples’ property. It may just be stuff to you, but it’s memories of lost loved ones. Would you let someone come to your yard and start tearing up things?

I think I was angrier at the woman who cut up the vine than the one who stole the sheets. If I ever see these ladies again, I will talk to them.

When we had a yard sale for our Alzheimer’s team two years ago, we had a raffle for a few items and one was a purse that a woman stole. I just hope that money she made us lose was not the amount needed for a cure.

All you have to do is be respectful and honest.


Millers Creek, N.C.

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