Gun law changes didn’t make us safer

This is written in response to the letter headlined, “No rights for unborn under Biden administration,” on Jan. 27.

When asked to create better gun laws to protect lives of the living, concern for life disappeared.

Gun and ammunition producers love the Republican Party. They have increased their sales to the degree that they find it difficult to keep up with demand, increasing their profits tremendously.

I believe in everyone’s right to bear arms for self-protection, but before laws were changed, people were able to do that without guns of such destruction. No one need pretend they made America a safer place to live. Now, guns are being carried into the houses of God.

The same party wants the murders that occurred Jan. 6, 2021, during the insurrection to be forgiven and swept under the rug. Trump incited the insurrection. That’s abomination.

Pro-birth, pro-life, the difference is only an entire lifetime.

Considering the words and actions of Trump being supported loudly and murderously by the Republican Party, I find it hard to believe they truly stand for either.


Ronda, N.C.

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