From what I can tell, we all would desperately like for this COVID-19 pandemic to come to an end. I really do not like wearing my mask, and I desperately miss being out and about with family and friends just doing “stuff.”

Most of us must leave our residences to shop for essentials and even step into a few non-essential situations.

But, as we do this, I have a request. Could we all just do what is sensible and reasonable, please? Let’s wear our facial covers; let’s do the social distancing of six feet; let’s use sanitizers and wash our hands often. Those of you who have businesses yearning to be viable and successful, could I ask you to attempt to make these recommendations easily available?

Just days after the North Carolina government strongly recommended these accommodations, I saw many employers, employees and customers ignoring what for me is simply common sense. Some seemed almost angry and ego driven to ignore the mandates. Might I add, it would be nice, courteous, sensible for all of us to follow a few rules.

Science tells us these measures would be prudent, but for some reason too many people would like to make this a political issue. All too many situations are driven by personal ego and/or personal political history.

Rules are mostly for all of us to live safely within a given society. In this country, we’ve decided to drive on the right side of the road. I suggest we do not wake up one morning and decide to drive into town on the other side of the road. Most of us have no idea when or by whom, especially in the realm of politics, this decision was made, but we follow it. It works. Simple. Might we try this again, now, in this situation? Follow the rules and recommendations that science tells us might benefit us all. It could be simple. It could work, and we could all be the better for it. We all could be better for it. Please.


Moravian Falls, N.C.

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