I’m 69 years old and grew up in the 1950s and ‘60s. Things have changed racially since then. We have interracial couples and marriages and bi-racial children.

The South has had her growing pains with protests and riots over the years, but why does the West Coast and the Northern states (I call “Yankee- dom”) seem to have the most destructive riots, with looting, arson destruction of private property and businesses?

We have bad apples in all walks of society (politicians especially) and what happened to George Floyd was definitely uncalled for despite his long history of criminal behavior.

Why does the South (according to Nancy Pelosi) bear the blame? If you know your history, the Indians were the first slaves, the Irish who came over during the potato famine were treated worse by the people on the West Coast. Asians were the slaves to white industrialists.

Now, we can’t have anything Confederate floating around and I’ve pieced together stars and bars quilts.

America was founded as a constitutional republic. It has devolved to a Democracy where the few make the laws and the judiciary rules in their favor. Take the marriage bill or any left-wing social issue the American public voted for, but the courts overturned.

U.S. citizens have no vote on bills the leftist extreme wants passed. Our next step down is dictatorship - one world government after America is destroyed, economically and socially.

We ought to be concerned more about getting along instead of fighting amongst ourselves. On the other hand, it’ll probably be another excuse to riot and loot, sadly.

I mean no offense to anyone. I was raised to treat everybody well and be respectful. Because I was Southern born, I have a lot of Confederate memorabilia and books on the subject. Since the statue topplers want everything Confederate destroyed, are we going to start burning books like Hitler did? Not mine.

I wish young folks knew their history before the left tries to destroy it. Lincoln, Columbus, statues but I see not one Yankee statue has been defaced. No, I won’t go that low.


North Wilkesboro, N.C.

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Racist much?

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