Many miracles, both large and small, occurred this Christmas season.

Individuals, churches, foundations, businesses and other entities came together to answer each child’s Christmas wish and need. By the time BROC/Care Connection of United Way finished on Dec. 24, 788 children were served.

Needs of children in Wilkes County grew and funding was short as Christmas Day inched closer.

However, Blue Ridge Opportunity Commission (BROC)/ Care Connection and United Way of Wilkes conduct the Christmas for Kids Program by faith every year and we knew the Lord would provide.

We reached out to the community for sponsors and miracles began to happen. BROC/Care Connection stood in awe as the people of Wilkes County, foundations and organizations responded.

Needs of families served resulted from not knowing cut-off dates of other Christmas gift programs, hospitalized spouses, job losses, shorter work schedules, household bills, car trouble, water leaks, house fires, being out of town due to deaths and other factors.

Some parents left in tears, some smiling and others thanking the Lord upon learning they would have gifts to put under the tree for their children.

United Way of Wilkes and BROC/Care Connection/BROC and families served want to thank all who helped for their gifts and kindness.

Because of people in Wilkes and outside the county stepping up and coming together as a community, many families had a Merry Christmas.

In particular, we want to thank Mr. and Mrs. Dan Warren, the Leonard Herring Family Foundation, the Stone Foundation and other foundations, local businesses, individuals, and faith-based organizations, Wilkes Community College, Tyson Foods Inc., Lowe’s Companies (U.S. 421 Center) and the Brushy Mountain Shag Club.

Thank you also to the wonderful volunteers who assisted.

From the beginning, Christmas has been about giving to others, just as God gave the ultimate gift. He gave himself and He is the reason for Christmas.

Let us go forward in the new year “remembering the quality of mercy is always twice blessed, once by those who gave and once by those who receive.”

Happy new year.


BROC executive


North Wilkesboro, N.C.


Care Connection


North Wilkesboro, N.C.

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