I was interested in buying the 912 Main Street property for my son for a future hobby store after hearing that the town was trying to sell the building after buying and renovating it and another Main Street building at the taxpayers’ expense.

After a further inspection last week, I lost a great deal of interest in the building. I realized that there was a smell of something that had burned and saw that the structure had fire damage.

I called several insurance companies and one said they wouldn’t write an insurance policy if any smell and visual fire damage were present. Another company said they would write a policy but later it could be canceled. A third asked if the burn smell had been treated and if this had been documented as proof.

A few ads stated and I was told that the building has 5,000 square feet of floor space.

However, I measured the interior and it actually is about 4,500 square feet. That’s crucial in planning and cost expenditures

Looking further, there seemed to be an outdated electrical fixture and an extension cord running from it to the upper floor to provide light.

It seemed to create potential for another fire or other hazard. I also saw a snake slithering on a rafter overhead. Large holes and more damage, through which rodents could enter the building, are at the rear.

Another big concern is that part of a side wall is bulging out over the private parking of another business. Some might say this isn’t dangerous, but it’s a serious defect that will continue to worsen. These issues can’t be taken lightly.

There shouldn’t be visual defects that could later pose issues, such as bricks falling from the building. This is not a private property. It’s surrounded by the public daily.

Four cars of people who work at nearby businesses were parked in the spaces that come with the building, which are at the rear. This illustrates a serious public parking issue for downtown business.

I’m feeling exhausted, knowing Wilkes County citizens’ money was spent on this building and it still has all of these issues at hand and possibly more. I’ve stopped bidding on the building due to all of these issues, but wish others luck with trying to make the purchase.

Taxpayers deserve to know how their money is being used for growth of Wilkes County and the Town of North Wilkesboro.

New owners of the 912 Main Street property shouldn’t be faced with issues, dangers and liabilities passed on by the town.


North Wilkesboro, N.C.

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