Being pro-life not a single-issue stance

I am a pro-life supporter and agree with the statement by the county commissioners. However, I also find myself agreeing with many of the statements made in the letters to the editor last week. I believe that the quality of life issues raised are an integral part of being pro-life.

First, Medicaid expansion is greatly needed for the reasons so well stated in the first letter. Expansion would give assistance to the working poor — those who work full time low wage jobs that pay too much for them to qualify for Medicaid, but too little for them to afford health insurance. It’s cheaper for them to die and be cremated than to spend one day in the hospital. I know because I was once one of them. Expansion should be a “no brainer.” Perhaps we have too many of that type in Raleigh.

I also feel that foster parenting and adoption are an important part of being pro-life. Diane and I have had three foster children who are now grown, and currently have an 8 and a 9-year-old under our guardianship. I will be 78 when the youngest graduates from high school. I know of other pro-life parents who have done even more.

In addition, I got vaccinated and a booster shot as much to protect those around me as to protect myself and my family.

As to Roe v Wade, that decision says states could ban abortions at the point of viability. In 1973, when the decision was made, viability was 28 weeks. To be safe, the court set viability at 24 weeks. With medical advancements, today infants are surviving outside the womb at 21 weeks. Thus, the spirit of Roe v Wade would support banning abortion at 17 weeks. Knowing that medical science will advance even more, perhaps 12 weeks would be safer. Just when does life begin? It ends with the cessation of a heartbeat and brainwaves. Does it not begin at that point?

Finally, as a pro-lifer I am also against the death penalty. How hypocritical would it be for me to defend the life of a convicted murderer, and not speak out for the innocent defenseless life in the womb. Being pro-life is not a single-issue stance. It is an all of the above approach that sees all human life as created in the image of God and thus sacred.


North Wilkesboro, N.C.

Resolution unites people against abortion

I wish to respond to the letter to the editor printed Nov. 10, 2021 and titled, “Right to Life resolution worsens division.” The writer says the resolution stating that Wilkes County supports all life is absurd. Her rationale for this is the fact that the nearest abortion clinic is 50 miles away for a “safe” abortion.

The writer missed the point here. Abortion clinics do not support life and indeed are far from safe. They are instead the product of greed and destruction in our society, praying upon women for the almighty dollar.

As a nurse and former Right to Life chairman, I must say that abortion is not only a poor alternative for crisis pregnancies but it’s far from safe. Though the promoters of it would have you believe otherwise. Very little is said about complications and problems that follow abortion procedures. Planned Parenthood does a poor job or reporting it as bad press bites into their profits.

I have found that the promoters of abortion know very little about the actual procedure, which is dangerous. For there is nothing natural about the invasive scraping and suctioning babies out of their mother’s wombs. A process which can and does often cause complications as future miscarriages, infections and even death of not just the baby but the Mother.

On the surface, it sounds wonderful to promote abortion as that which gives women reproductive freedom and choice. But even that argument is only partially true since there are two human beings involved and only one of them gets a choice.

I worked extensively with and knew women who have had abortions and none ever told me they were glad they did it when it was all said and done. Instead they live with regrets and pain.

The writer asks why there are there 230 children in Wilkes County in foster care? That is a very good question. A better question would be why aren’t more people in our county supporting the Crisis Pregnancy Center and agencies in Wilkes that promote life?

Abortion is never a good option and we do indeed as a county need to stand for God’s principals. Psalm 139:13 states, “For you created my inmost being: you knit me together in my Mother’s womb.”

God creates life for a divine purpose on this earth. No individual has the right to destroy that life. We should instead, take the high road and choose positive and good alternatives, as those already mentioned. That is why the Resolution for Life presented at the Wilkes County commissioners meeting was a very good thing.

The standing room only crowd at the meeting the night the resolution was presented is proof that this is not a divisive issue but one that brings people together and gives them an opportunity to stand for God’s righteousness and principles in our community.


Wilkesboro, N.C.

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