These are tough times for most people as we find our way through this pandemic.

Fast food workers feed essential workers, they feed everyone and everyone needs to eat, even during a pandemic. Some people don’t prepare food at home anymore. So, food service employees, management and owners go to work and for these reasons we are essential.

Some people have no place to work due to closures. Some people must work to survive. It can be stressful for everyone. It seems the more we hear about politics, the presidential election and other events in the country, the more frustrated people become. These frustrated people don’t have to take it out on food service employees, which includes fast food workers.

Restaurants, food service employees and fast food workers didn’t set the rules for a pandemic; we went to work. We went to work with face masks on, sanitized hands, gloves, with barriers constructed, dining rooms closed or partially open and some with drive-through service only.

We went to work and we deal with those people who don’t believe there’s a pandemic. We went to work and deal with people who look down on us for wearing the very mask our employer and the health department requires. We went to work, we got the training and we have the rules to follow, yet some people simply don’t get it.

We have people who don’t wear masks coming into our restaurants, who don’t observe safe social distancing and ignore the rules we post to keep our employees and customers safe. When did it become the food service employees’ fault that we have rules to follow?

Why must some complain that service is slow when we have rules to follow that require frequent deep cleaning or employers who choose to close a self-serve beverage counter? How can essential food service workers be to blame for long lines?

Why must we be treated like something less than human when we’re trying to serve our community? Why tell food service workers they are “sheep?” Some people think we are uneducated and can do no other job.

We do the job because we love people and serving them great food. We get up early in the morning and we work late at night. We try to be there ready whenever you want to eat. This is the first job for some of us. This is a career for others. We have families too. We have bills to pay. We are not waiting for a government check to arrive even when some of us could stay home and just get paid.

We are frustrated too. We are frustrated with rude people who show no concern for others in our community. We are frustrated when we have jobs to give that we can’t seem to fill. Then, who wants to work in public service when some people treat us so bad?

Remember the golden rule, treat others that way you want to be treated. Don’t go to a restaurant to mistreat those workers giving it their all.


Wilkesboro, N.C.

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