A certain perspective continues to attempt to persuade individuals to limit the rights of others. The social issues surrounding abortion and same-sex familial units should be simple in answering. The masses cannot and the government shall not limit an individual’s choices and rights.

Although those issues may not be biblical for some, they are for others. This is why we must “live and let live.” I, for one, would never agree to an abortion if I had the option presented, but I cannot make that decision for another family. I was raised by a mother and father who have been separated and divorced for years, but turned out decent. I had the luxury of having parents. Not many get that.

Limiting a child’s options of parents to exclude a two-mom or two-dad household is limiting that child’s potential to have a decent life.

We mustn’t continue to take a stand against this or that. We must strive to preserve a way of living that provides us with options and a chance to live as we see fit.


North Wilkesboro, N.C.

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