Want to know what your NC SPIN panelists are reading this summer?  Happy reading.

Tamara Barringer

“A Column of Fire,” by Ken Follett.

Tom Campbell

I just finished reading presidential historian Michael Beschloss’ book, “Presidents of War,” an excellent in-depth examination of presidents from James Madison to Lyndon Johnson. I also read Rufus Edmisten’s, “That’s Rufus.”

I’ve just started David Brooks’ “The Second Mountain; The Quest for a Moral Life.”   I’m not very far into it but so far I’m intrigued.

 Brad Crone

 “That’s Rufus,” by Rufus Edmisten and “The Branch Head Boys,” by Rob Christensen.

Anna Beavon Gavely

“How to Think: A Guide for the Perplexed,” by Alan Jacobs. Beach book is “Seven Stones to Stand or Fall,” by Diana Gabaldon.

Becki Gray

“Foundation; The History of England from its Earliest Beginnings to the Tudors,” by Peter Ackroyd. On her bedside table is “Archaeology from Space; How the Future Shapes Our Past,” by Sarah Parcak.

Henry Hinton

“Loving Life,” by Gene Loving, iconic broadcaster from the Tidewater Virginia market.  Just starting “The Man in the Mirror,” by Patrick Morley. Henry’s beach reaches include “Juror #3,” by James Patterson. Also, “Rogue Lawyer,” by John Grisham.

Phil Kirk

“Two by Two,” by Nicolas Sparks, a New Bern resident. Recently finished “The Reckoning,” by John Grisham.

Peg O’Connell

“The Mueller Report,” by The New York Times. Beach read is “Dragonfly in Amber,” by Diana Gabaldon, the second in the series of Outlander books.

Howard Lee

“The Soul of America,” by Jon Meacham.

Donna Martinez

“My Grandfather’s Son: A Memoir,” by Clarence Thomas, Supreme Court Justice. Also, “Johnny Carson,” by Henry Bushkin, Carson’s longtime manager.

Joe Mavretiic

“The British Are Coming,” by Rick Atkinson. A look at the Revolution from the British perspective.

Brenda Pollard

“The Go-Giver,” by Bob Burg.

Patrick Sebastian

“The Path to Power, The years of Lyndon Johnson,” by Robert A. Caro. Recently read “The Gatekeepers, How the White House Chiefs of Staff Define Every President,” by Chris Whipple.

Dennis Wicker

Dennis just finished reading “The Mueller Report.”

Tom Campbell is a longtime political commentator in North Carolina.

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