Feedback I received on the Hamp Kendall story was appreciated. One response suggested that I clarify the statement about Christine Horton’s comment on Hamp’s voice being like that of Johnny Cash. It would have been clearer to say that years later, Christine Horton, who met Kendall later in life after his trial, said his voice reminded her of Johnny Cash since the musician was born in 1935. Constructive criticism and positive comments are both appreciated. One other correction is that Richard Barlowe of Lenoir took the photo of the remains of Kendall’s chimney.

The background, family and grave location of the other wrongly convicted man, John Vickers, remain a mystery. He died shortly after being freed. If you have information on this man, please contact me.

This week’s discovery at the Ferguson home place was an old ledger found by my husband as he made renovations to the 1800s house. On the inside cover is written, “Accounts of Ferguson Co Kendal, NC.” (Kendal is sometimes spelled with one “L” and sometimes with two.) The old home was once used as a post office. It would be interesting to know when it stopped being Kendal Post Office and when the Ferguson Post Office started. It would also be interesting to know if the Ferguson Post Office’s was changed when Capt. Lindsay passed away.

The surprise of the ledger is that it includes books checked out at the house, so I concluded that Sarah Kendal Ferguson, an educated woman, used her home and personal collection of books as a public library. Titles such as “Little Women,” “Fighting the Whales,” “The First Capture,” “The Land of Fire” and many others were checked out. The farming section of the ledger refers to “Field 8” etc. It reveals problems with drought, what was planted, what farmworkers were paid and costs of vegetables and supplies from other people. Years covered in this ledger appear to be 1903-1910. Names in it include Charley Hartley, Jesse Ferguson and his sisters, Will Horton, Felix Horton, Dodie Horton, Cornelius Horton, Julie Sanders, Odell McKee, Darcy and Dick Norris, Jesse West, Carter West, Nannie Bishop, Ethel Triplett, Joe Setzer, Robert Ferguson, Loula Ferguson, Janie Spicer and others. Descendants of any of these people can contact me.

With Valentine’s Day approaching, it would be thoughtful to send cards to folks in the community who don’t easily get out of their homes due to the pandemic. Just a suggestion.

Happy February birthday wishes to Janet Craig, Ricky Minton, Kimberly Pearson Berry, Jacob Hall, Eric Walker, Russell Ames, Sheila Greene, Nick McNeil Kalya Tart and Kaitlyn Tart, Jack Hood, Lane Hamby, Bryan Melton, Stephen Shepherd, Frank Shuford, Joyce Wright, Iris Ferguson, Steve Blevins, Violet Hartley, Mattie Steele, Noel Blevins, Mark Hamby and Herman Laws.

Happy wedding anniversary to Harper and Michelle Hartley, Chris and Mattie Steele and Bill and Linda Eller.

Joke of the week: A year had passed since a woman’s amicable divorce, and she decided it was time to start dating again. She scanned a newspaper personal column and came across three promising candidates. She was checking messages on the answering machine later and found one from her ex-husband. “I was visiting the kids yesterday,” he said. “While there, I noticed you circled some ads in the paper. Don’t bother calling the guy in the second column because it won’t work out. That’s me.’ ”

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