The Wilkes County Hall of Fame Governing Board (WCHOF) recently announced the awarding of $19,905 in grants in the areas of art, physical education and athletics in the Wilkes County Schools for the 2020-21 school year.

This brought the total amount of WCHOF funding to Wilkes County Schools to $110,076 since 2015. This year, the board increased its grant budget due to the likelihood of teachers and staff having greater needs during the pandemic..

WCHOF board members presented checks to 30 Wilkes County Schools employees on Feb. 4. Due to COVID-19, the board was unable to host its annual grant presentation in the Stone Family Center for the Performing Arts.

Board members delivered checks to grantees at their schools. Stacey Neece, WCHOF Grants Committee chairman, thanked all who applied for a grant.

Neece stated, “The WCHOF grant committee was once again pleased with the number and quality of applications received from Wilkes County teachers and coaches. During a year made so unpredictable by COVID-19, we were thankful for the ability to award more grant money than in years past. The WCHOF board looks forward to seeing these Grants in action.”

Grant recipients were:

• Jessica Ferguson, Mulberry Elementary, Music: “More Strings, More Joy!,” $420;

• Christy Rhoades, Mulberry Elementary, Physical Education: “Safe Climbing,” $1,000;

• Sandra Martin & Rebecca Wishon, Mountain View Elementary, Physical Education: “Playground-Led Physical Ed,” $783;

• Tiger Posey, North Wilkesboro Elementary, Physical Education: “Trailblazers;” $1,000;

• Brandon Stewart & Tiger Posey, North Wilkesboro Elementary, Physical Education: “Why you Trippin?” $1,000;

• Anita Wingler, Wilkesboro Elementary, Music: “Joyful, Joyful Ukeleles,” $770.80;

• Christian Bruce, Central Wilkes Middle, Band: “Brass Instrument Repair,” $570;

• Shannon Rogers, Central Wilkes Middle, Chorus: “Covid Curriculum Parody Project,” $300;

• Chuck Hudson, East Wilkes Middle, Physical Education: “Take me out to the Ballfield,” $441;

• Justin Byers, North Wilkes Middle, Band: “All about that Bass…and Treble!,” $738.58;

• Angela Caswell, North Wilkes Middle, Music: “Dancing Drum Classroom Percussion Sets,” $1,029;

• Joanne Schwab, West Wilkes Middle, Drama: “Drama Down the Rabbit Hole,” $150;

• Travis Gentry, East Wilkes High, Art: “Artwork Around East,” $1,000;

• Justin Call, East Wilkes High, Athletics: “Safe Batting Helmets for All,” $500;

• Matthew Campbell, East Wilkes High, Athletics: “Weight Room Improvements,” $875;

• Aaron Simmons, East Wilkes High, Athletics: “Improving Cardinal Tennis Training,” $736;

• Daniel Rash, East Wilkes High, Band: “Equipping the EWHS Drumline for Safety and Success,” $1,000;

• Beth Poplin, East Wilkes High, Music: “Sound System Upgrade,” $1,000;

• Ed Martin, North Wilkes High, Athletics: “Clothing Closet for Women’s Soccer,” $400;

• Logan Call, North Wilkes High, Athletics: “Essentials for Viking Men’s Basketball,” $510;

• Dwayne Berrier, North Wilkes High, Athletics: “Baseball Program Equipment Upgrade,” $964.80;

• James Cline, North Wilkes High, Athletics: “Viking Soccer,” $322;

• David Wojtecki, North Wilkes High, Athletics: “Football Equipment Upgrade,” $1,000;

• Noah Johnson, North Wilkes High, Athletics: “Home Batting Cage Net,” $872.04;

• Brian Holloway, North Wilkes High, Athletics: “Training for Track & Field,” $300;

• Terry Johnson, Wilkes Central High, Athletics: “Batting Cage Replacement Frame,” $1,000;

• Anthony Byers, Wilkes Early College High, Art: “Wax on, Wax Off Batik Style,” $260;

• Martha Peller, Wilkes Early College High, “Art: Picture Perfect,” $963.

WCHOF President Evan Handy encouraged grantees to apply again next year. Handy thanked all staff members for their dedication to enhancing opportunities for our students and the community.

The Wilkes County Hall of Fame is a 501©(3) non- profit (Federal Identification # 46-5541867). The mission of the WCHOF is to promote and honor the excellence of the people of Wilkes County to encourage and inspire the youth and citizens of Wilkes.

The seventh annual WCHOF will be held virtually on May 20. For additional information, contact Morgan Mathis at 336-651-7018 or at

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