The Wilkes Health Department reported the 48th COVID-19-related death of a Wilkes resident Monday morning.

Details on the death were not immediately available, but Wilkes Health Department Director Rachel Willard said the 46th and 47th COVID-19-related deaths of Wilkes residents occurred outside the county.

As of Monday, Wilkes had 275 active COVID-19 cases out of 4,506 confirmed since the pandemic began.

Wilkes currently has several COVID-19 clusters and outbreaks.

Willard said there are COVID-19 outbreaks at the Wilkes County Jail on Courthouse Drive, Wilkesboro; Westwood Hills Nursing and Rehabilitation Center on Fletcher Street, Wilkesboro; Wilkes Health and Rehabilitation and Wilkes Senior Village, both on Old Brickyard Road, North Wilkesboro; Rose Glen Manor on Independence Avenue, North Wilkesboro; and Eckerd Connects on High Rock Road in Boomer.

She said there are clusters at two churches, a meat processing plant (Tyson Foods Inc.) and three occupational settings.

Willard said North Wilkes High School is the only public school in Wilkes that has had a COVID-19 cluster and that cluster has been closed.

COVID-19 case totals in each of these locations weren’t immediately available from the health department.

An outbreak or cluster is considered over if there is no evidence of continued transmission within the location within 28 days after the latest date of onset in a symptomatic person or the first date of specimen collection from the most recent asymptomatic person, whichever is later.

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