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WILKES MINISTRY OF h.o.p.e. wood lot ran out of split firewood for the first time ever last week. Wood is stored beneath the shed when it is split.

For the first time, the Wilkes Ministry of h.o.p.e. wood lot ran out of split firewood last week.

The Wilkes Ministry of h.o.p.e., a ministry of the Brushy Mountain Baptist Association, has made firewood available to low income Wilkes County residents for wood-burning stoves and fireplaces in the winter for nearly 15 years. The wood lot is near the ministry office on N.C. 268 East in North Wilkesboro.

Ministry of h.o.p.e. Director John Triplett said the supply of split wood ran out as demand increased during the recent extended period of cold weather.

Triplett said the wood lot has a large volume of firewood on-site from various donors ready to be split and can provide wood-splitting equipment, but it doesn’t have enough volunteer labor to maintain the supply of split wood that is needed.

He said this has been the case since Calvin Anderson of Wilkesboro, who started the Wilkes Ministry of h.o.p.e. wood lot in 2005, died at age 92 in November 2017. Anderson, with helpers Guy Barlow and the late T.J. Deal, worked faithfully for years splitting and stacking donated wood for the wood lot, said Triplett.

Members of church youth groups, Scout troops and other volunteers worked with them over the years, mostly on Saturdays.

Triplett said there is a great need for individuals and groups to step in and continue this aspect of the Wilkes ministry of h.o.p.e. by splitting and stacking wood. More details are available by calling the Ministry of h.o.p.e. at 336-903-1414.

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