The Wilkesboro Police Department was told that a man made several young people put their hands on a vehicle and then took $5 from the wallet of one of them early Sunday morning.

Officer C.G. Colbert reported that he was dispatched to the Walmart parking lot about 3:30 a.m. Sunday to speak with Brandon Combs, 20, of Purlear, and found Combs there with four other people ages 17-19 standing beside a Pontiac Bonneville.

Colbert said one of the five, Hunter Handy, 17, of McGrady, then told him they were standing in the parking lot talking a little earlier when they saw a red Ford F-150 pickup with an extended cab pass by a row of stores with its headlights off. Handy said the pickup’s headlights came on just before it reached the group and stopped.

Colbert reported that according to Handy, a white male with gray hair, possibly in his 60s, exited the pickup and told the young people to turn around and put their hands on the Pontiac. The man was smoking what looked like a hand-rolled cigarette. Handy said the young people complied, thinking he was an undercover officer.

Handy said the man “kept asking them something about a fight going on,” stated that he was a private investigator and pulled the right side of his coat back as if to reveal a gun and badge, but Handy didn’t see these, Colbert reported.

Matthew Lovette, 19, also in the group, said the man took his wallet when Lovette held it up after the man asked another of the young people for a driver’s license, Colbert reported. Lovette said his wallet was returned but he later realized $5 was missing from it, the officer reported.

Handy said the man then returned to his pickup and drove away.

Colbert reported that he and Sgt. Ronnie Price responded when a report was received at 2:43 a.m. Monday about the driver of a red Ford pickup pulling a gun on someone in the Walmart area.

Colbert said he found Jared Ball, 19, of North Wilkesboro, who the gun incident and who was among the five young people involved in the incident early Sunday morning in the Walmart parking lot.

Ball stated that he and the same group of friends were in the Walmart parking lot early Monday morning and saw the same Red Ford F-150 pickup. Ball said they were following the pickup to get the license tag when the driver pulled a gun on them, Colbert reported.

The case is still under investigation.

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