Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 1142 will have a Memorial Day service at 10 a.m. Thursday at the post home, which is on Veterans Drive (off N.C. 115) in North Wilkesboro.

Speaker will be George Morgan, a VFW Post 1142 member.

VFW Post 1142 Commander Foyst Blackburn will give the welcome. VFW Post 1142 Chaplain Larry Reavis will give the invocation and benediction.

A wreath will be placed on the veterans’ monument in front of the post home. The VFW Post 1142 Honor Guard will fire a salute and present “Taps.”

VFW Post members Pat McNeil and Larry Thompson will read the names of people from Wilkes who died during the nation’s wars since World War I.

The names to be read are:

From World War I: George F. Adams, Clinton A. Anderson, Elbert Anderson, Daniel G. Barnett, A. Burr Bowers, Boss Brooks, John Brown, Ernest Byrd, Robert Byrd and Phillip P. Church;

Joseph J. Clanton, Richard M. Clanton, Edgar Combs, Charles W. Cothren, James W. Crysel, John C. Dameron, Isaac P. Dancy, James F. Emerson and James E. Ferguson.

Roby Ferguson, Albert F. Foster, Felix C. Gould, James S. Gray, Robert Hackett, Thomas E. Hamby, Eugene Harrington, James H. Hodge, James A. Holder and Charles H. Howell.

Tyra V. Huie, T. Joe James, Mac Joines, Talmadge Joines, German L. Johson, Richard J. Johnson, Jean Kendall, Estill C. Lowman, Ogburn D. Martin and Gaither Miller.

D. Stokes Pearson, William Z. Pearson, William B. Poplin, Alexander Rhoades, Rowan D. Saunders, Zollie A. Summerlin, Julian C. Triplett and Silas Triplett.

Charles C. Walker, William H. Walker, William T. Walker, Thomas I. Walsh, Clyde E. Watkins, George Welborn, William M. Wilcox and Robert F. Williams.

From World War II: Lass C. Benge, John S. Bentley, William W. Bentley Sr., Steward L. Bishop, Clarence E. Blevins, Edgar D. Bowers, Kimp O. Bowers, Otis Bradley, Glenn W. Brooks and Grover E. Brookshire.

Henry O. Byrd, John T. Byrd, Harold M. Chambers, John W. Chambers, Fred L. Chandler, Robert W. Cheek, Hansford T. Church, James R. Church, Elmer J. Coffey and Ben H. Colvard.

Virgil C. Combs, Glennie T. Cox, Donald W. Craven, Hubert W. Crowder, Talmadge S. Curry, Isaac H. Dancy, Clegg M. Davis, Fred O. Davis, Audrey B. Dowell and Challie L. Dillard.

Coyd W. Dillard, Ralph J. Elledge, Jacob A. Eller, Purcey H. Eller, Raymond V. Eller, Claude Estep, Howard L. Ferguson, Robert W. Finley, Archie J. Fletcher and Hugh M. Gambill.

Williams S. Giliam, Alonzo C. Greene, Percy Griffin, Wade Hampton, Minton M. Handy, Walter W. Handy, Charlie W. Hanks, Willie R. Harrold, Millard C. Hawkins and Henry C. Hayes.

Willie L. Haynes, Carl Holbrook, Chester Holbrook, Linville Holcomb, Charlie L. Holleman, L.V. Hooper, Eli L. Hubbard, T. Theodore Huffman, Fred Johnson and Robert L. Jones.

Lester J. Keaton, William R. Key, James G. Kilby, Don R. Laws, S. Robert Laws Jr., Burl W. Love Sr., James D. Lowe, George G. Marley, John V. Martin and Wayne Martin.

Baxter D. Mastin, Edgar J. Mastin, Lewis W. Meade, James D. Melton, Julius L. McGee, Warren F. McHone, Carl B. Miller, Elbert C. Miner, George B. Mitchell and James P. Mitchell.

Filmore Nelson, Charles B. Oliver, Lloyd J. Painer, Lloyd W. Palmer, Oscar W. Pardew, Andrew C. Parker, Paul A. Parsons, Alvin W. Pearson, Joe H. Pearson and Carl W. Pierce.

Claude R. Robinson, Pozy Roten, Dayton C. Royall, Ray E. Sale, Robert B. Sale, Otto J. Schubert, Theodore A. Schurene, Troy L. Shaffner, Lloyd Sheets and Ben F. Shell.

Ivy J. Shumate, Roby O. Shumate, Aubray C. Simmons, Leonard H. Smithey, Sam Smoak, Ira H. Smoot, Earl C. Souther, Junior Souther, Cyrus R. Sprinkle, Wayne H. Stanley and Dean Taylor.

Edward M. Templeton, Raymond Thompson, Archie B. Tomlinson, Ray R. Transou, Carter G. Triplett, Howard B. Triplett, Robert L. Ward and George Welborn.

Warren Roope, Chalcie G. West, James A. Whittington, Curtis L. Wiles, Carl Wilmoth and Roby P. Yates.

From the Korean War: Russell D. Bentley, Jackie B. Bynum, George S. Childress, Archie C. Gentry and Charles C. Gentry.

Gwyn R. Hunt, Robie L. Jordan, Charles Marlow Jr., Chester Moore and Warren H. Sprinkle.

From the Vietnam War: Baxter C. Carrol, Freddie J. Dobbins, Joseph W. Duncan, Lawrence W. Eller, Richard J. Hall, James W. Johnson Jr., Samuel D. Lovette and Robert W. Miles.

Gurney L. Miller, James T. Woods, Gerold L. Mounce, John W. Osborne and Edward E. Pierce.

Franklin Shepherd, Eugene E. Swift, James W. Taylor, Rodney E. Taylor, James T. Vannoy and Howard L. Walker.

From the Iraq War: Chris Thompson.

From Operation Enduring Freedom: Larry J. Bauguess Jr.

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