Changes at Boomer Park

Traffic flow on the drive through Boomer Park at W. Kerr Reservoir is being reversed, plus cash payments for passes there won’t be accepted.

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers announced fee collection and traffic flow changes at W. Kerr Scott Reservoir’s Boomer Park.

Traffic flow on the drive through Boomer Park is being reversed but will remain one-way. The current exit will be the entrance to the beach area and the current entrance will become the exit. Traffic flow to the boat ramp will remain the same.

Fees suspended at W. Kerr Scott Reservoir due to the COVID-19 pandemic resumed in 2021 and at Boomer Park swim beach they will now be paid with credit or debit cards instead of cash. A cashless fee machine will be installed at the beach parking lot.

The receipt from paying the day use fee must be displayed on a vehicle dash. The pass will be valid until midnight of the day purchased. The beach is open from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Passes won’t be available for purchase at the Boomer Park gatehouse.

A pre-paid card bought from a local retailer, valid and current day use pass from another park, camping pass, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers annual pass, or another pass available from the America the Beautiful can be used to enter the park without paying at the machine. Visitors must display the pass on a vehicle dash or hang it from a rear-view mirror. Go to for more details.

For safety reasons, visitors towing boats are encouraged to not use the fee machine at the beach parking lot, but instead may purchase a pass using a credit or debit card or check at Warrior Creek, Bandit’s Roost, or Fort Hamby campgrounds.

For more information, go to, call the reservoir Visitor Assistance Center at 336-921-3390 or visit the W. Kerr Scott Facebook page.

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