Two people were injured when a tractor-trailer hauling chicken feed and a van collided on Rock Creek Road in Mountain View about 6:30 a.m. Friday.

The westbound 2005 Mack tractor-trailer failed to turn enough to make it through the curve where Airport Road intersects from the south, went off the left side of Rock Creek Road, overturned on its left side and was sliding when the cab and the front of an eastbound 2005 Dodge van collided, said Trooper Russell Walker of the N.C. Highway Patrol.

Brandon Barrett, 27, of Thomasville, driving the tractor-trailer, was transported by Wilkes Emergency Medical Services to Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center in Winston-Salem. Wilkes EMS transported the van driver, Sharon Prevette, 51, of Hays, to Wilkes Medical Center in North Wilkesboro.

Walker said Prevette had minor injuries. He said Barrett’s injuries were more serious, but didn’t appear to be life threatening.

Mountain View Fire Department firefighters said Barrett exited the cab on his own. Walker said Barrett was on his feet near the tractor-trailer when he arrived but his condition worsened shortly thereafter. He added that Barrett struck his head in the wreck.

Walker charged Barrett with failure to maintain lane control. The tractor-trailer and van were both total losses. Lettering on sides of the cab indicated that the rig belonged to C.E. Lowery Farms of Lexington.

The top of the trailer hit a power pole with a transformer after it overturned, cracking but not toppling the pole. Part of a full load of chicken feed in bins in the trailer, being hauled to a Wayne Farms contract chicken farm, spilled from openings in the top of the trailer into the grass along Rock Creek Road.

Shovels were used to collect chicken feed that spilled and equipment with suction was used to transfer chicken feed in the trailer to another trailer so it could be hauled away, said Mountain View Fire Chief Brad Mathis. Personnel from Wayne Farms and D&J Truck Service and Towing spent hours working on this. Two D&J tow trucks were used get the tractor-trailer back on its wheels and haul it away.

Mountain View firefighters were on the scene for several hours in unseasonably cold weather providing traffic control.

The wreck resulted in at least one lane of Rock Creek Road being closed to traffic most of Friday, largely due to a Duke Energy crew replacing the damaged utility pole. Electricity was off until about noon in the area immediately around the wreck and a least one other time later.

Both lanes of Rock Creek Road were closed for about two hours and flagmen still had one lane closed at 7 p.m. Friday as Duke Energy personnel continued their work.

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