North Wilkesboro officials have received three bids from developers for buying a town-owned building at 912 Main Street and will accept additional offers until March 5.

The most recent bid was submitted Tuesday just before the town board meeting by Neil Shepherd of North Wilkesboro-based Shepherd Real Estate LLC, which owns several other buildings in the downtown area. The bid was for $32,500.

George M. Evans and Wilkes Brewing LLC, which Evans owns, submitted a bid for $31,500 in January. Evans has homes in Millers Creek and Florida and is a former sports agent who has proposed opening a brewery and brew pub in the building.

A third bidder, Earl Cox, has also made a bid of $31,500.

The bidders’ applications were “not very detailed as to planned use,” according to Town Attorney Gary Vannoy.

Separately, Shepherd has made the town an offer of $65,000 to purchase both the 912 building and the town-owned building at 910 Main Street.

The 912 building’s availability has been advertised in the Wilkes Journal-Patriot, Winston-Salem Journal and elsewhere.

There will be a 10-day period for written upset bids after a top bid is accepted and advertised, said Vannoy.

The upset bid must be at least 10 percent more than the first $1,000 (which is $100) and 5 percent of the remainder of the top bid, he said. The process of advertising new top bids would continue as long as upset bids are made.

In a split 3-2 vote in April 2018, the North Wilkesboro commissioners rejected a $20,000 bid for the 912 Main Street building from Miami, Fla., architect and developer Adan Fons.

Fons had said he would spend at least $100,000 on renovating the building. The rejected agreement would have given Fons up to 30 months to complete renovations. The board had issue with giving Fons up to 30 months.

Fons planned to use the top floor of the building for one or two apartments and rent the bottom floor for retail.

Some commissioners have said they prefer that the building be used for a brewery, restaurant or other purpose most likely to bring people downtown.

The most recent appraisal of the building was $31,500. The town spent $120,000 on purchasing and renovating the building to a “shell” state requiring further improvements.

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