A pump station that was out of commission from about 4:30 p.m. Sunday until about 8 a.m. Monday due to a storm will only be used for auxiliary purposes once the Browns Ford waterline loop project is completed, said Wilkesboro Utilities Director Sam Call.

Strong wind accompanying the storm knocked out electricity to the  pump station, which is along the north side of the Yadkin River near the Curtis Bridge Road bridge over the river.

This occurred when a Duke Energy utility pole near the pump station was damaged during the storm. The utility pole, on the edge of the His Light Church and Ministries (former Quincy’s Steak House) parking lot, was left sharply leaning toward the pump station.

Call said the U.S. 421 West commercial area in western Wilkesboro and the portion of the West Wilkes Water Association served by the Town of Wilkesboro had less water pressure than normal while the pump station was out.

Call said town personnel secured a gas-powered generator from Wilkes County government but Duke Energy had electricity restored to the pump station before the generator was ready to be used.

Most of the $7,2 million Browns Ford loop water line project, which includes a new above ground water tank at the intersection of Browns Ford Road and U.S. 421, has been completed. The project was undertaken primarily to improve water pressure in the U.S. 421 West and N.C. 268 West areas, as well as the portion of the West Wilkes Water Association served by Wilkesboro.

The project hasn’t been completed due to the inability of subcontractor Boremasters Inc. to drill through rock under Moravian Creek to take the waterline from the from the west to the east side of the creek and then on to the town’s water filtration plant off River Street.

On July 11, the town was notified that it had received N.C. Department of Transportation approval of a new route that is upstream from where boring was unsuccessfully attempted and downstream from the River Street bridge over Moravian Creek. This involves going above the creek with a bridge-like structure rather than drilling to take the waterline under the creek.

Town Manager Ken Noland said work is expected to resume next week and the town should have an updated completion schedule in the next several days.

Also during the storm Sunday:

• a car was damaged when it hit a tree that had fallen onto Curtis Bridge Road near the Woodland Boulevard Road intersection. Brittany Marie Kilby, 25, driving a 2013 Mercedes-Benz, northbound during heavy rain when her car hit the tree, stated a Wilkesboro police report. The car had about $5,000 in damage;

• a large white oak tree in the yard of a house was blown down across the end of Greenbrier Lane, which is near Woodland Boulevard in Wilkesboro. This forced down a Duke Energy utility pole and utility line;

• the North Wilkesboro Fire Department responded to the Yadkin River near West D Street to help several paddlers exit the river;

• fire departments in Wilkes responded to several reports of electrical hazards related to the storm. Duke Energy reported 169 electrical outages in Wilkes at about 5:45 p.m. Sunday, mostly in the Cricket community.

The storm brought about an inch of rain.

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