No thru trucks

Town of North Wilkesboro crews recently installed new speed limit and "no thru trucks" signs at prominent entrances to the town's residential grid streets.

Town of North Wilkesboro crews recently completed installation of new speed limit and “No Thru Trucks” signs at prominent entrances to the town’s residential "grid" streets.

Town Manager Wilson Hooper said the action means that a prohibition of heavy trucks on these streets, approved by North Wilkesboro commissioners in February, is now enforceable.  "Grid" refers to an area with numerous intersecting streets.

North Wilkesboro Police officers are now permitted to stop trucks weighing 19,501 pounds or more (Class 6) from using residential grid streets to skirt around a state-designated truck route on Second Street.

Hooper said police will initially issue warnings to offenders. Citations, if issued, will carry a $50 fine plus court costs.

Also, police will continue enhanced traffic enforcement on grid streets during the morning and evening commuting periods. Patrols are focused on Finley Avenue, Eighth Street and Sixth Street, but all residential grid streets are being patrolled.

Hooper said police will be on the lookout for motorists who speed, run or roll through stop signs, and cross double yellow lines. The speed limit throughout the grid is 25 MPH. Citations, if issued, will carry a $50 fine plus court costs.

Proceeds from fines are appropriated, by order of the N.C. Constitution, to the state’s public schools.

Hooper said these actions were taken to improve the safety and quality of life of North Wilkesboro residents who live along residential grid streets. He added that neighbor complaints about speeding and thru trucks were confirmed by traffic data collected by the town and the N.C. Department of Transportation, and by the observations of town staff.

Hooper said the actions will be complemented in coming months by a realignment of the Sixth/Hinshaw streets intersection, and other physical enhancements under evaluation by town staff.

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