The Wilkesboro Police Department is investigating nine vehicle break-ins and the theft of a pickup in the same area of town Tuesday morning as related incidents.

Tommy Furr of Laurel Road in the Westwood Hills subdivision reported at about 7:24 a.m. Tuesday that he found his silver 2016 Ford F150 pickup missing from his driveway about 30 minutes earlier. Furr said it was taken sometime overnight, reported Wilkesboro Officer D.B. Wyatt. Another vehicle parked in the driveway was entered but nothing was taken.

Investigators said they believe the pickup was taken by suspects in the string of vehicle break-ins at Glenn Hill and Windemere apartments on Collegiate Drive early Tuesday morning. Reported stolen from some of the nine vehicles were a 1998 World Series lighter, handbag, wallet with credit and ID cards, two watches worth about $500 and $7 in cash.

The vehicles were unlocked, which Wilkesboro officers said illustrates the importance of locking unattended vehicles.

Wyatt contacted authorities in Winston-Salem with a description of the pickup because a Nissan car found at Glenn Hill that morning is believed to have been driven by a suspect in the vehicle break-ins and is registered to a person with a Winston-Salem address. The Nissan was seized.

Wilkesboro Officer A.M. Tombs reported that when she responded to a call she received at 2:18 a.m. Tuesday about a suspicious person at Glenn Hill, two women there said they saw two men trying to enter vehicles parked in the Glenn Hill parking lot.

Tombs said the women believed one man was black and the other was white and one woman said they walked over to the Collegiate Drive side of Glenn Hill Apartments. Tombs said she and Sgt. Jerry Parsons were searching in that area when they saw two men walking briskly away from them at Windemere Apartments on the other side of Collegiate Drive.

The two men began to run eastward away from the officers when Parsons yelled to them to stop and identified himself and Tombs as police officers. The Wilkes Sheriff’s Office and Wilkes Community College Police Department were notified and officers from those departments arrived to help search.

The Wilkes Communications Center then reported that it received a call about two black males trying to take a vehicle at United Parcel Service on School Street. UPS is along the east side of Moravian Creek and Windemere is along the west side.

Tombs said multiple law enforcement agencies searched the area of UPS, Wilkesboro Elementary School and the Westwood Hill subdivision for over an hour but couldn’t locate the suspects.

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