The Wilkesboro Police Department is investigating one of its more unusual cases.

Wilkesboro Officer D.B. Wyatt was dispatched to Mountain Park Cemetery on South Bridge Street about 12:15 p.m. Feb. 3 in reference to a suspicious bag left on a grave.

When he arrived, Deputy Phil Hemric of the Wilkes Sheriff’s Office was on the scene and told him a woman reported that she was walking along South Bridge Street while on her way to get gas from a convenience store on Oakwoods Road when she saw the bag on the grave.

Hemric said the woman believed a baby was in the bag so she walked back to the courthouse, where she had started walking, to share this with a deputy. According to Wyatt’s report, officers went to the grave and it was determined that a dead pig was in the bag, which was black.

The report said Wilkesboro Investigator Chris Handy found two photos, one of a man and the other of a woman, and peppers stuffed inside the pig. A man’s name was written on the photo of a man and a woman’s name was on the photo of a woman. Handy also located a knife, pair of scissors and pair of sunglasses.

Wilkesboro Police Chief Craig Garris said the investigation determined the two names on the photos are people who live in Winston-Salem and are not missing. The two people have no known connection to the grave where the bag was left and “it is a random grave,” Garris said.

“From what we know now, I would characterize this as a domestic situation,” he added. Garris didn’t release any more details on this but said the investigation is continuing.

Wyatt’s report categorized the case as a cruelty to animal and grave desecration incident.

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