Wilkes Playmakers’ “Murder’s in the Heir,” an audience-interactive murder mystery comedy, premieres at the Benton Hall Community Arts Center in North Wilkesboro on Thursday, Oct. 10, at 7:30 p.m.

Shows continue on Friday and Saturday at 7:30 p.m. before concluding with a matinee performance Sunday at 2 p.m.

Adult tickets are $12. Student and senior tickets are $10.

Written by Billy St. John’s, “Murder’s” is a classic whodunit with a hilarious twist. The characters are recognizable, ones that might be encountered at work, while shopping or at family reunions, according to Julie Baird, who is directing the production.

Baird said she saw the show performed by a local high school theater department several years ago. “The cast seemed to be having a ball performing it, and the audience was in stitches,” she said. “It was just so entertaining, I knew it was something Wilkes Playmakers had to do.”  

She said there’s a lot of action and plenty of laughs, and maybe even a surprise ending if you don’t solve the crime before the culprit is revealed in Act II. 

Baird explained that each performance has the possibility of a different ending. Every suspect has the motive and opportunity to carry out the crime. During intermission, audience members choose the killer by secret ballot. Once the votes are tallied, the cast is notified and Act II is performed based on who the audience determines is the most likely killer.  

She said the cast is comprised of 16 very talented performers -- veteran Playmakers as well as newcomers. “Each character is uniquely funny, and each cast member has done a marvelous job bringing out his or her character’s personality. Comedy isn’t always easy to pull off, but this cast’s chemistry is amazing and everything just seems to click.” 

Baird added, “We are so excited to perform this show. We hope the audience will have as much fun watching it as we’ve had creating it!”

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