Brett Bortles filming

BRETT BORTLE films scenes in Millers Creek for “8th Round Pick” at the West Wilkes-Alleghany football game in 2014.

“8th Round Pick,” a movie filmed mostly in Wilkes County, can be rented or purchased on certain on-demand cable and digital platforms starting Jan. 28.

The 101-minute feature film is about the adversity a high school and college football star faces after returning home when his pro career dreams fizzle out. The movie was directed and shot by Charlotte-based filmmaker Brett Bortle.

Most of the movie was filmed in Wilkes from 2014 to 2016, including during an October 2016 West Wilkes High School football game against Alleghany High School in Millers Creek. Other scenes were shot at the Dispensary Restaurant & Pub in downtown North Wilkesboro, at North Wilkesboro Town Hall, on River Road, at Wilkes Medical Center, in a town cemetery and elsewhere.

Resulting from an agreement signed with Quiver Distribution, the movie can be purchased or rented and streamed through the following providers starting Jan. 28:

• U.S. cable/video: Comcast, Charter, Cox, Spectrum, Altice and Medicom;

• U.S. digital: iTunes, Amazon, Vudu and Fandango Now;

• Canadian cable/video: Shaw Network;

• Canadian digital: iTunes Canada, Vimeo, Microsoft and Google.

According to information posted on the movie’s Facebook page, other streaming video on-demand providers may be secured in April or May, followed by a physical DVD release.

The film stars Daniel Contois, Ali Froid, Jacob Hasting and Tim Ross. It’s produced by Bortle and Sean Robbins for Bortle’s Weekend Warriors Productions. The movie was written by Bortle, Robbins and Nick Henderson.

The movie’s trailer on YouTube has this description: “Arriving home from the NFL draft, Austin Aimes (Contois) is a broken man returning to a broken town. As a top-rated college quarterback, it seemed Austin had a lock on the life he always wanted to live, but now a destroyed knee seems to be his only guarantee—a guarantee that is sidelining him from his dream and serving as a daily reminder that the dismantling of the draft clock reveals no time left.”

The movie’s tagline is “Never give up; never back down.”

Bortle has filmed more than 20 times in Wilkes for various music and commercial videos, according to previous reports in the Wilkes Journal-Patriot.

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