Michael Howard Tabb Jr.

Michael Howard Tabb Jr.

The Wilkes Sheriff’s Office charged a man with assault by pointing a handgun at an officer, assault on officers by driving toward them, offenses related to a motor vehicle chase and more as a result of an incident Friday night.

Michael Howard Tabb Jr., 31, is charged with pointing a handgun at Det. Steve King, a narcotics officer with the sheriff’s office, while Tabb was driving an Acura and King was driving an unmarked sheriff’s office vehicle behind him on Winkler Mill Road near the Dancy Road intersection in Wilkesboro about 9:30 p.m. Friday.

King was in that area because he and other officers were conducting surveillance in an unrelated drug case when his vehicle happened to get behind the Acura, said Capt. Craig Dancy, who heads the sheriff’s office’s narcotics unit.

Dancy said both vehicles were westbound when Tabb started waving a handgun he was holding out his window and then pointed it toward King, still while holding it out the window.

Dancy said King initially thought he had come upon a road rage incident but then decided the man with the handgun was planning to commit a drive-by shooting.

He said King followed the Acura on Winkler Mill Road until it turned left on Pads Road. Dancy said he was on Pads Road when King radioed him that the Acura had turned on that road, so he stopped his unmarked sheriff’s office car in a travel lane of Pads Road, with his blue lights on.

Dancy said the Acura stopped as it neared his vehicle. He said that when he, King, Det. Jason Adams and Det. Graylan Tharpe approached the Acura in their vehicles, the Acura drove toward them at a fast speed, went off Pads Road to go around Dancy’s vehicle and then went back on the road and continued westbound.

Dancy said he saw that two young children were in the car with Tabb, so he ended the pursuit.

He said that later that night, officers learned that Tabb was at a residence on Chauncey Drive, which is off N.C. 16 North in Millers Creek. Lt. Gene Wyatt, Sgt. Derek Taylor, Lt. John Watson, Det. Steve King, Det. Jason Adams and Det. Graylan Tharpe and Deputies J. Frausto. David Alexander and Dalton Johnson surrounded the residence about 1:30 a.m. Saturday.

The process of securing a search warrant was underway when a woman in the house allowed officers to enter, said Dancy, adding that Tabb was taken into custody then without incident. He said Tabb then contacted a woman at another location to come get the two children, ages 7 and 2.

Dancy said no shots were fired in the incident and no one was injured. Tabb was placed in the Wilkes County Jail with a $160,000 secured bond.

Officers from other agencies assisted in searching for Tabb also.

Tabb was charged with three count of assault on a government officer for driving the Acura toward King, Tharpe and Dancy; two counts of misdemeanor child abuse for having the children in the car when the incident occurred; one count of assault on a government officer by pointing gun; and felony fleeing to elude arrest.

He said Tabb was already on probation after being convicted of possessing a firearm while being a convicted felon.

Dancy said Tabb listed the house on Chauncey Drive as his address, but he also has an address in Boone.

Tabb’s address was listed as Allentown, Pa., when he was arrested in Boone in March on charges of resisting a public officer, failure to appear in court on charges of speeding, operating a vehicle with no insurance, school attendance law violation charge, first-degree trespassing, fraud disposal mortgage property, deliver/accept blank open title, failure to return rental property, operating a vehicle with no insurance and forgery.

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