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Wilkes Community College receives $10,000 from Lowe’s Companies for the college’s building construction program.

Lowe’s Companies Inc., through its Generation T movement and Heroes program at its Wilkesboro Store Support Center, has donated $10,000 to the Wilkes Community College building construction program for tools, equipment and supplies.

“I would like to say thank you on behalf of the WCC Building Construction program for the Lowe’s donation. This money will provide students with the materials and tools needed to help students complete life projects in their pathway to graduating with a two-year degree in building construction technology,” said Shane Allen, WCC lead instructor of the Building Construction Technology program.

Generation T is a movement established by Lowe’s and partner organizations to transform the future of skilled trades in America by building a pipeline of workers to offset the anticipated gap of three million jobs by 2028. The Generation T website connects people to prospective apprenticeships, job opportunities and education programs.

“Skilled labor can be creative, innovative and intellectually stimulating work that allows men and women to use their creativity, knowledge, passion and skills to build something that they can take pride in,” said Jorge De La Jara, Lowe’s senior director of Pro Engagement and Generation T. “Through donations like this, Lowe’s aims to empower those pursuing skilled trades careers, making them more self-sufficient and flexible than others in their age group.”

Dr. Jeff Cox, WCC president, stated, “We really appreciate this generous donation from the Lowe’s Heroes program. Lowe’s is a great partner to Wilkes Community College and their generosity with this grant will provide our students with much-needed equipment, tools and supplies in their program of study.”

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