Lowe’s Companies Inc. announced today that the Lowe’s customer support center in Wilkesboro will lose about 680 positions, with about 600 going to the Lowe’s headquarters in Mooresville and about 80 to the company’s data center in Winston-Salem.

The jobs being moved are in human resources, facilities, finance, supply chain, technology and related functions, said Daniel Frahm, Lowe’s vice president, communications and community relations. Teams with these positions will move in shifts between June and the end of 2019, he said.

Frahm said having people who perform these same or similar functions “literally working side by side” will support “greater collaboration and business performance.” Frahm said it’s part of the company’s continuing efforts to improve customer responsiveness.

He said employees whose positions are being moved “are being encouraged to transfer with their roles, and we will offer relocation assistance to qualifying associates and severance to anyone who elects not to work in the new location.” 

Frahm said that with the move of these approximately 680 positions, Lowe’s will have no more corporate positions in Wilkes County.

In the customer support center, Lowe’s will still have over 1,300 positions in the central production office and contact center, where employees assist customers on the phone and arrange product installation and other services. Frahm said a decision hasn’t yet been made about use of the space in Wilkesboro that is vacated.

Members of the Lowe’s executive leadership team announced the move today in Wilkesboro starting at 2 p.m.

Frahm said that with the move of the approximately 600 positions from Wilkesboro to the corporate headquarters in Mooresville, Lowe’s will have about 4,400 positions at the corporate campus in Mooresville.

Nancy Call, the company’s Wilkesboro contact center site director, said in an announcement to local government officials in Wilkes, “This change was not unexpected. It’s consistent with the hard decisions our new CEO and leadership have taken on in order to return Lowe’s to the industry leadership position.  We have been moving quickly on everything from improved customer service to, in this case, improving the collaboration and effectiveness of our corporate functions by having these teams work together.”

Call added, “Just 12 roles will be eliminated as part of this change. I’m proud of the way Lowe’s is supporting our associates affected by this announcement today with an expanded relocation program, relocation benefits for those who qualify, and eligibility for severance for those who decide not to commute or move with their role. Today’s meeting included personalized information packages for each associate to help them with a smooth transition and decision-making process.”

 Lowe’s also announced today that the company’s cross-dock terminal in Charlotte will transition to a third-party vendor, impacting about 200 Lowe’s employees at this delivery facility.

A Lowe's spokesman said, “We are making every effort to retain associates (at the cross-dock facility) in other positions at the company, and we are focused on making their transition as smooth as possible. This facility will remain open and continue as a delivery hub for large and bulky items such as appliances, supporting our stores in the Charlotte region.”

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