Lowe’s Companies Inc. is hiring over 200 fulltime employees to work in Wilkesboro and coordinate customer installations across the South and provide support services for those at-home installations.

The 200-plus positions are in the central production office (CPO) at the Lowe’s customer service center (former Wilkes Mall) in Wilkesboro. Available jobs include service and production coordinators and field project specialists, said Steve Salazar, Lowe’s manager of corporate communications. The company plans to hire these people through January 2018, he said.

“The CPO jobs are being added in Wilkesboro because that’s where we established the central production office. Lowe’s currently operates two central production offices, one in Wilkesboro and one in Indianapolis, to support customers with at-home installation services. Lowe’s is expanding the Wilkesboro central production office to support an additional 400 stores in the South,” said Salazar.

No additional construction is planned for the customer support centers in Wilkesboro or elsewhere, he said.

Salazar said another 200-plus full-time employees, including supervisor and coordinator roles, are being hired for the central quoting team at Lowe’s headquarters in Mooresville. The central quoting team in Mooresville is responsible for preparing flooring installation quotes for Lowe’s stores across the U.S., including those in the South.

“Together, these two teams enable us to improve the customer experience and strengthen our installation service capabilities,” said Salazar.

Adding the 200-plus jobs apiece in Wilkesboro and Mooresville are part of centralizing the preparation of flooring installation quotes to help customers receive the information they need sooner to move installation projects forward, he said.

Salazar said this centralization will also help store employees spend less time on administrative work and more time with customers. Store employees provided the quotes in the past. Flooring installation projects are completed by independent third parties.

For the 200-plus new CPO jobs in Wilkesboro, he said, the company is seeking people with broad knowledge of remodeling, installation management and installation practices, as well as strong interpersonal skills.

In February 2017, Lowe’s announced that it had started hiring to fill over 600 new customer support and CPO jobs at the customer support center in Wilkesboro by October 2017. “We have already hired more than 500 central production office employees alone, and will be adding the more than 200” announced Tuesday, said Salazar.

Lowe’s employs more than 2,400 people in Wilkes County, including over 1,500 at the customer support center in Wilkesboro and others at the Lowe’s store on U.S. 421 West in Wilkesboro and a supply chain facility in North Wilkesboro that handles internet fulfillment.

Salazar said compensation is confidential, but average wages vary based on position and experience. All open positions are currently posted online at Jobs.lowes.com.

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