The Wilkesboro Town Council on Monday unanimously approved the resubmission of a grant application that, once approved by the state, would be used to make improvements to and expand the trail system at Cub Creek Park by over three miles.

Town Manager Ken Noland said Monday during the council’s regular monthly meeting at Town Hall that the application would be for a $100,000 Recreational Trails Program (RTP) grant, which would require a $25,000 match of in-kind town labor to make the modifications in 2022.

The $125,000 project would start in April 2022 and likely be completed by October 2022, according to Noland. The town originally applied for a $250,000 grant, but town staff was told by the state that fewer RTP funds were available statewide for 2022 and to reapply for a lesser amount.

Several proponents of mountain biking spoke in favor of the trail expansion during a public hearing on the matter. No one voiced opposition.

Noland said the work will again be designed by Jim Horton of Mooresville, a former resident of Wilkes who has designed the existing trail systems at Cub Creek and Dark Mountain, an advanced system of trails at the W. Kerr Scott Reservoir.

The project includes over $53,000 of work at the Call Farm Loop area, including nearly a mile of new advanced trail near Wilkes Health off College Street. Other plans at Call Farm call for several reroutes, a new trail entrance and four small boardwalks.

Planned to connect to the existing Jailbreak Loop is a less than half-mile of new intermediate trail called the Kulynych Trail, named after the late philanthropist Pete Kulynych.

At the Tornado Alley area, a new trail entrance is planned, along with new jumps and six modified berms.

Across South Bridge Street, three new sections of trail are planned next to the existing Perkins Place Loop: a jump line of 1,572 feet, an elevator trail (1,184 feet) at the top of the jump line, and a Barricks Hill Loop at 6,213 feet.

Also at Perkins Place, 19 new rollers and seven modified berms are in the project plans.

Other matters

Also on Monday, the council:

• approved amendments to the town’s zoning ordinance concerning flags of the United States, the State of North Carolina, Wilkes County or the Town of Wilkesboro. Those flags, if flown on flagpoles exceeding 50 feet in height, would require an engineering certificate; three flags may be displayed on a lot of less than one acre in size, or up to five flags on lots one acre or greater in size; flagpoles may be roof- or wall-mounted provided size, height, setback and engineering requirements are met; and flagpoles displaying the U.S. flag must be at least five feet higher than surrounding flags, and the U.S. flag must be appropriately sized;

• approved the joint funding of an engineering study with the Town of North Wilkesboro on the feasibility of purchasing treated water from Wilkesboro in the event of drought or other emergency, and vice versa. The towns’ water systems are already physically connected by three unmetered junctions;

• approved making applications to the State Revolving Fund for improvements proposed for upgrades to the town’s raw water and wastewater plants;

• approved the appointment of Rob Baldwin to the town’s landscape board;

• adopted a water/sewer capital improvement plan for the next 10 fiscal years; and

• accepted a Federal Emergency Management Agency’s Aid to Firefighters grant of $52,789 for the purchase and installation of an air compressor to refill air packs used by the department.

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