Lowe’s is inviting recent and soon-to-be graduates of local and area high schools and Wilkes Community College to learn more about jobs at the Lowe’s Customer Contact Center in Wilkesboro.

Lowe’s held an open house at the contact center for prospective employees Tuesday and will hold another one Thursday, with tours of the facility and opportunities to talk to members of the contact center leadership team and recent local high school graduates working there.

The second open house, like the first, is from 6-7 p.m.

Lowe’s worked with school guidance and career counselors to get the word out at all five Wilkes County high schools and at Elkin, Ashe County and Alexander Central high schools. Interested students registered to attend in advance.

Nancy Call, contact center site director, said she isn’t aware of Lowe’s ever directing recruiting so overtly at high school seniors. “This is something new for us,” said Call, adding that it resulted from people just out of high school becoming good Lowe’s contact center agents.

Call said the open houses are among efforts to fill several hundred positions at the contact center in Wilkesboro. “These are primarily new jobs to support increased customer interaction.” Recruiting began in December, with a goal of filling the new positions by August.

Lowe’s currently employs about 2,000 people at its Customer Support Center in Wilkesboro, which includes the contact center, real estate, transportation, logistics and other corporate functions.

The open houses are designed to help prospective Lowe’s employees “see and experience all of the career options available at the contact center…. We want them to see the work environment and envision themselves in it,” she said.

The work includes assisting customers when they contact Lowe’s via telephone, email, chat or social media for assistance with sales, service and delivery.

It also includes contacting customers with survey questions concerning experiences with the company and for sales by following up with people who indicated interest in Lowe’s products or services.

“We’re looking for candidates with a desire to help customers and always give their best. We want candidates with a good work ethic and positive attitude,” said Call. “And, we want people looking for a career.”

She said the contact center in Wilkesboro offers competitive pay and benefits, flexible working hours between 5 a.m. and midnight and opportunities for career advancement with Lowe’s here and elsewhere. Lowe’s has Customer Support Centers in Mooresville, Indianapolis, Ind., and Albuquerque, N.M., and stores and distribution centers nationwide.

“We have an extensive contact center training program lasting four to six weeks. We teach technological skills and Lowe’s systems” needed to equip newly hired employees to provide good customer service, she said. Training in telephone etiquette and other skills is provided.

“We create an environment that is very supportive” for contact center staff, said Call. “It’s a family atmosphere.” Mentors are provided for new agents and experienced agents are available if agents need help assisting customers, she explained.

Call said ongoing training is provided to help agents keep up with changes in consumer interests and products sold by Lowe’s. Agents are recognized and rewarded in various ways for outstanding work.

Opportunities for Lowe’s employees including contact center agents to participate in community service projects are provided each year.

Job descriptions for open positions at Lowe’s are posted online. Apply at lowes.com/careers.

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