A home at the end of Brookwood Drive in the Ken Acres subdivision in Wilkesboro was heavily damaged but not destroyed by fire late on the afternoon of Dec. 30.

“Heavy flames were rolling from the side (of the house) when we arrived, but we were able to get a fast knockdown” and prevent it from being a complete loss, Wilkesboro Fire Chief Jason Smithey.

Smithey said the fire started in the garage at the base of the right side of the split-level, brick and wood frame home, went up a wall to the next floor, spread into three bedrooms there and continued upward until flames were coming from the roof on the right side of the house.

He said the actual cause of the fire, believed to be accidental, hasn’t been determined but the blaze is still being investigated.

It destroyed a small passenger car in the garage, caused significant damage to a Subaru car parked in the driveway about five feet from the garage entrance and caused heat damage to the front end of a small pickup parked about two car lengths from the garage entrance.

Flames kept reappearing from the car in the garage due to fuel in the tank until firefighters covered it in foam. The garage door was left a heap of twisted metal.

The home is listed in county tax records as belonging to Bryan and Melissa Bass. Smithey said Melissa Bass and another person were in the home and discovered the fire when they heard the popping and cracking sounds it produced. Smithey said the house is covered by homeowner’s insurance.

He said Wilkesboro firefighters arrived on the scene approximately three minutes after being dispatched about 3:20 p.m., followed by North Wilkesboro and Miller Creek firefighters. The Wilkesboro, North Wilkesboro and Millers Creek fire departments were dispatched simultaneously under an automatic mutual aid agreement.

At Smithey’s request, the Moravian Falls and Broadway fire departments were dispatched a few minutes later to provide additional manpower. Members of additional fire departments also responded.

The Bass property is immediately north of the Wilkesboro Water Treatment Plant property.

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