On West Maple Drive

Firefighters are on the scene of a house fire on Thursday night on West Maple Drive, off Hacketts Road in Millers Creek

Firefighters saved most of a Millers Creek house and its contents after a fire started in the attic Thursday night.

“Our guys did a heck of a job and stopped it,” said Millers Creek Fire Chief Robbie Bolin. “It was a very hot fire.”

The blaze was on West Maple Drive, a short dead-end road off Hacketts Road near West Wilkes High School. Firefighters were dispatched about 8:30 p.m. Thursday.

Bolin said the fire began near wiring in the attic above a rear addition and was ruled electrical in origin. Wilkes Fire Marshal Nikki Hamby also was on the scene and concurred.

He said a storage room in the addition was gutted, part of the roof and attic had fire damage and there was smoke and heat damage elsewhere in the rear, but the house is salvageable.

The wood frame and brick house is owned by Joey and Lisa Dyer and is rented by the Brandon Reynolds family. Bolin said the Dyers have homeowner’s insurance but the occupants don’t have renter’s insurance. The American Red Cross assisted the Reynolds family.

The family was home when the fire began but no one was hurt. When they heard a loud pop sound, Brandon Reynolds investigated and encountered heat and smoke when he opened a door to the rear.

Bolin said Reynolds’ wife took the children elsewhere while he remained on the scene.

Assisting Millers Creek were the Cricket, Champion and Mulberry-Fairplains fire departments. The Wilkes Rescue Squad also responded and the Wilkesboro Fire Department was on standby with a fire engine at the Millers Creek Fire Station.

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