Heavily damaged

INTERIOR OF HOME in Boomer that caught fire Monday was heavily damaged.

A home at 2220 Boomer Community Center Road in the Boomer community was heavily damaged by fire Monday night.

The Boomer, Moravian Falls and Goshen fire departments were dispatched in response to the fire at Benny and Carol Bradley’s 1,400-square-foot wood frame home a few minutes before 6 p.m.

Boomer Fire Chief Allen Nichols said the fire started from an electric heater in a bathroom and advanced up a wall to the attic, where it spread across the house by following the path of air conditioning duct.

Nichols said firefighters had a hard time accessing the blaze due to the walls of three to four additions and had to cut through them to reach it with water. Firefighters were on the scene until about 10:30 p.m.

He said the bathroom where it started is in the middle of the house, which resulted in the fire spreading even faster. “It couldn’t have started in worse place,” he added.

There also was substantial water damage to the interior of the house, said Nichols.

The Bradleys were at home when the fire started and escaped without injury. Wilkes Emergency Medical Services checked them out at the scene. The Wilkes Rescue Squad also responded, as it normally does for structure fires in case firefighters are injured.

Nichols said the Bradleys have homeowner’s insurance. Most but not all of the contents of the house were lost, he added. Nichols contacted the American Red Cross about assisting the couple, but said he believed someone else had found them a place to stay.

About 40 firefighters responded. Water for fighting the fire was pumped from nearby Lackey’s Pond. Nichols said the temperature was low enough for water to start freezing on the roof during the later part of the firefighting effort.

The Bradley home is between N.C. 18 South and Boomer Community Center Road, a dead-end road off Russell Gap Road near the four-way intersection with a caution light on N.C. 18 South in Boomer.

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