The Rid-A-Bug Exterminating Co. Inc. corporate office building at 2648 Somers Road, Hamptonville, was destroyed by fire early ‪Saturday morning, reported Deputy Wilkes Fire Marshal Tim Pardue.

Pardue said the cause of the fire hasn’t been determined, but added that he leaned toward believing it resulted from an electrical problem. He said there is nothing suspicious about the blaze.

The fire started around the center of the second floor of the two-story building and burned that floor to the point where it collapsed into the bottom floor, said Pardue, adding that the second floor mostly was used for storing records.

He said that in addition to damage from the collapse of the second floor, the first floor was also damaged by flames, heat and smoke.

Pardue said firefighters did a good job keeping the fire from spreading from the first floor of the office building to a nearby warehouse used for storing pesticides and other supplies used by Rid-A-Bug. They also kept it from spreading to a nearby residence belonging to the Roberts family.

Pardue said Rid-A-Bug general manager, Marty Roberts, was at the beach with his family when he received notification of the fire alarm going off on the second floor.

He said Roberts called his sister and brother-in-law, Michele Roberts-Cass and Mark Cass, about checking on the building.  The alarm company dispatched 911 to the structure.

The Wilkes Communications Center dispatched the Buck Shoals, Ronda, Wilkes-Iredell, Arlington, Roaring River and Lone Hickory (in Yadkin County) fire departments, with the first departments being dispatched ‪at 4:50 a.m. Ronda brought its aerial ladder fire truck.

Pardue said firefighters initially tried to enter the structure to fight the fire but the smoke was too thick, so had to fight it from outside. The last firefighters left the scene about ‪4 p.m. Saturday.

The fire was in the Buck Shoals Fire District, of which Roberts is board president. Roberts drove from the beach to the scene early that morning.

Pardue said there is insurance on the wood frame and block structure, which was built in the 1970s. He added that some records and other items were salvaged.

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