Wilkes County commissioners

WILKES COUNTY COMMISSIONERS now are, left to right, David Gambill, Eddie Settle, Gary Blevins, Keith Elmore and Brian Minton, all Republicans. Monday night, Elmore was elected chairman and Settle was re-elected vice chairman. Also, Gambill was sworn in to his third term and Minton was sworn in to his first term. All Wilkes commissioners serve four-year terms.

Keith Elmore was elected chairman and Eddie Settle was re-elected vice chairman of the Wilkes County commissioners Monday night, both with unanimous votes.

Commissioner Gary D. Blevins, 2018 chairman, presided at the start of the meeting but yielded that responsibility to County Attorney Tony Triplett when it came time to elect a chairman. As he stated earlier, Blevins  said he didn’t wish to be chairman in 2019.

Settle nominated Elmore as chairman and Commissioner David Gambill nominated Settle to remain vice chairman. Elmore is halfway through his fourth term in office and Settle is halfway through his second term. This is Elmore’s third year as chairman, with the last time occurring five years ago.

The chairman sets agendas, presides over commissioner meetings and can vote and make motions. People in the audience must be recognized by the chairman to speak. The chairman serves as the board’s spokesman, signs county documents, appoints commissioners to certain committees and can call for special meetings or declare a state of emergency in the county.

Also Monday night, David Gambill was sworn in to his third term and Brian Minton was sworn in to his first term as commissioners. The two Republicans were winners in the Nov. 6 election.

District Court Judge Robert Crumpton swore in Gambill. Minton was sworn in by Shirley Randleman, whose term as a state senator just ended. Commissioners serve four-year terms.

Blevins presented Commissioner Greg Minton with a plaque recognizing him for his four years of service as he left the board after losing in the GOP primary earlier this year. Blevins said he is a gentleman, family man and professional and is extremely bright. “He has brought so much to the board of commissioners in the last four years…. He has never done anything that is less than exceptional as a member of this board.”

Greg Minton responded by saying it was an honor to serve. He said he wished all of the current commissioners the best and told them to let him know if could be of assistance.

After a brief recess to rearrange where commissioners sit as a result of the election of a new chairman, the commissioners reappointed Triplett’s law firm - Vannoy, Colvard, Triplett & Vannoy PLLC - in North Wilkesboro as the county’s legal counsel.

They also reappointed John Yates as county manager and Sarah Call as clerk to the board and assistant to the county manager.

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