Rolling Pines Number 6

ICONIC HOLE at Rolling Pines Disc Golf Course in Wilkesboro is No. 6, which features a basket hanging from a tree limb and a tee shot down a tight, pine-lined fairway.

Rolling Pines Disc Golf Course in Wilkesboro was named last week as one of the world’s top 100 disc golf courses, ranking 24th in a list compiled by the sport’s leading publisher, UDisc.

Rolling Pines achieved a grade of 93.60, while the top-rated course, Jarva Discgolf Park in Stockholm, Sweden, had a grade of 97.38. The top course in the United States was second-ranked Maple Hill in Leicester, Mass. (96.79).

In the southern U.S., Rolling Pines overall was third, ranking behind two Georgia courses: W.R. Jackson Memorial (11th) and Hobbs Farm Disc Golf (22nd).

Only three other North Carolina courses made the top 100. Ashe County Park in Jefferson was 58th, with a grade of 91.15, The Rock at Stonewall in Germanton (Stokes County) was 78th (90.27) and The Patriot in Kernersville (Forsyth County) was 100th (89.54).

None of the highly-regarded courses in Charlotte made the top 100, despite the Queen City being named the third-best “disc golf city” in another list compiled by UDisc in January 2019. Other N.C. cities that made that last were Greensboro/High Point (31st), Winston-Salem (35th) and Durham/Chapel Hill (42nd).

The rankings in the top 100 courses list were based on more than 1 million ratings of courses worldwide by disc golfers using the UDisc mobile app. The rankings also consider regional and cultural factors in the player ratings, minimizing the effect of regional hype or hypercriticism.

“The courses on this list earned their spots purely from their stats and not due to the opinions of UDisc’s staff,” noted UDisc writer/editor Alex Williamson. “The course grades are relative to how close each course was to a perfect five-star rating.”

Rolling Pines currently has a 4.7 out of 5.0 rating on UDisc, based on 374 player ratings. The course was opened in 2015 on over 70 acres of town-owned land adjacent to the Wilkesboro Wastewater Treatment Plant, off Old U.S. 421.

The course has two sets of tees: the regular white tees, which play out over 5,095 feet, and the championship-level gold tees (7,380 feet of play).

UDisc is the official app of the Appling, Ga.-based Professional Disc Golf Association, the sport’s governing body.

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