Off end of D Street

A Volvo pursued by North Wilkesboro police came to rest at the bottom of a 300-foot embankment after going off the eastern end of D Street the evening of Aug. 2.

A man was charged with fleeing to elude arrest and with theft, assault, property damage and other offenses after a series of events within about 30 minutes on the evening of Aug. 2 on Sixth Street and elsewhere in North Wilkesboro.

William Aaron Greer, 30, of 295 Crestwood Drive, Elkin (Benham community), was arrested after driving a Volvo car off a 300-foot embankment at the eastern end of D Street near Benton Hall, reported Officer Franco Graham of the North Wilkesboro Police Department. The Volvo came to rest in a small creek at the bottom of the embankment near Euclid Avenue, which is off Second Street.

North Wilkesboro Police Chief Rob Thornburg said Wilkes Emergency Medical Services examined Greer at the scene and determined he wasn’t hurt. Thornburg said it was learned that a nearby resident recently removed a guard rail at that end of D Street.

Graham said the incident began after he received a call about 6 p.m. Aug. 2 to respond to the 500 block of Sixth Street in reference to a white male trying to enter an unoccupied and locked North Wilkesboro police patrol car parked on Sixth Street. Graham spoke to Greer, sitting in the front yard of 506 Sixth Street, when he arrived on the scene.

Graham said that when Greer asked him for a ride to Millers Creek, he told him he couldn’t do that and advised Greer to keep walking and not trespass on anyone’s property. Graham said Greer began walking and crawling up the hill on the Sixth Street sidewalk until he ran out in front of a northbound Chevrolet Camaro in the 700 block of Sixth Street.

After the Camaro stopped abruptly to avoid striking Greer, said Graham, he ran in front of a southbound Chevrolet S-10 pickup on Sixth Street. “The S-10 stopped abruptly to keep from striking Mr. Greer and Mr. Greer quickly gained entry into the passenger side of the S-10. The driver of the S-10 appeared shocked that Mr. Greer gained entry into his vehicle. The S-10 rolled approximately 10 feet and Mr. Greer jumped out of the vehicle,” Graham stated.

The officer said that when he loudly ordered Greer to stop, the man ran across Sixth Street and tried unsuccessfully to enter the passenger side of a northbound SUV. Graham said he again loudly told Greer to stop, but Greer ran across the road and through backyards of homes in the 600 block of Sixth Street, back across Sixth Street and onto E Street, where he tried to enter several parked vehicles.

Graham said that while he was still yelling for him to stop, Greer tried to enter a parked Dodge Ram pickup, jumped over a nearby fence and tried to enter an SUV parked on F street outside Key City Condos, tried to enter the Key City condos building and then tried to enter a car parked on Fifth Street.

Graham said he located Greer sitting in a parked Toyota Camry inside a garage of 506 Sixth Street, but Greer exited the Camry and then the garage through a window after breaking out the window screen upon seeing Graham exit his patrol car.

The officer pursued Greer through the parking lot of the First United Methodist Church of North Wilkesboro after finding him at 613 E Street, again yelling for him to stop. Graham said Michael Walker of 613 E Street then stated that Greer had stolen his blue Toyota Prius

While Graham and North Wilkesboro Officer Chris Duckworth were looking for Greer on Sixth Street, several motorists stopped and told them a blue car driven by a white male had struck a road sign and had come to rest in the front yard of a home on Hinshaw Street.

Graham said motorists stated that a white male had grabbed a woman by her arm, pulled her from a white Volvo she was operating and had driven the Volvo down Sixth Street. The woman pulled from the Volvo was identified as Barbara Faw.

“I observed the white Volvo traveling south on Sixth Street in the side mirror of my patrol vehicle,” said Graham, adding that it was swerving from lane to lane while traveling about 50 mph where the posted speed limit was 25.

He said the Volvo went south on Seventh Street, left onto E Street and struck a Dodge Caliber parked on E Street with Michael Walker sitting in the driver’s seat and the driver’s door open. The Volvo then continued east on E Street, turned right on Sixth Street and left to go east on D Street before it ran off the embankment where D Street has a dead end.

Graham said officers found the Volvo unoccupied and with the engine running. “Officers searched the area and located Mr. Greer approximately 100 feet north of the white Volvo in a wooded area, lying in bushes. Officer Duckworth placed Mr. Greer into custody.”

Magistrate Neil Hayes found probable cause to charge Greer with fleeing to elude arrest with a motor vehicle, larceny of a motor vehicle, common law robbery, resisting a public officer, assault on a female, assault with a deadly weapon, driving while license revoked, three counts of hit and run fail to stop with property damage and four counts of injury to personal property. Greer was put in the Wilkes County Jail with a $115,000 secured bond.

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