When a Wilkes Communications Center dispatcher described one of two burglary suspects as a man dressed as a teddy bear and carrying women’s undergarments Tuesday night on a Wilkes Sheriff’s Office radio channel, a deputy understandably asked to hear that again.

Deputy Dustin Smith’s report of the incident provided clarification. The victim in the case stated that one of the suspects was a Hispanic man wearing a “brown furry bear onzie” (onesie). The other suspect, also a man, was described as wearing all black clothes and a reddish-orange bandanna across his face.

Smith reported that he responded to a report of a breaking and entering in progress at a residence on Boone Trail in Millers Creek about 10:25 p.m. Tuesday and learned upon arrival that two male suspects were fleeing from the home on foot. He said deputies searched in the area but were unable to locate anyone. The victim was identified as Gracie Elizabeth Brock,

According to Smith’s report, Brock said she was in the shower when she heard someone enter her home and didn’t say anything because she thought it was her roommate, Destiny Faith Wyatt, or friends.

Brock said she then saw two men standing in her bedroom and they began demanding all of her money, the report stated. Brock told them she didn’t have any money and was trying to call for help when one of the suspects pulled a knife from his pocket and said he would stab her if she called the police, the report stated.

“He kept pointing the knife at her, demanding the money and asking who else was in the house” and Brock told her roommate was here but was asleep, the report said.

The report said that when Brock asked one of the men his name, he said “Miguel.” The other suspect then told the first one to shut up.

Wyatt called 911 after the suspects fled through the back door.

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