Banners up

TWO ENTRANCES AT WILKES CENTRAL High School are lined with banners with photos and names of this year's senior class.

A group of parents of Wilkes Central High School’s 12th-graders purchased banners honoring members of the senior class - one per student – and put them up along the two entrance drives to the school on Saturday.

Principal donors include Steve and Tamala Davis (Steve Davis Inc), Mathis Electric, Carolina West, Eddie and Shelia Settle, Wayne and Renee Goff, Todd and Revis Felts, Eddie and Leslie Barnes, Jeff and Jennifer Hartley, Jon Lakey, Matthew and Carrie Olson and Paula Souther.

Eddie Barnes said about $4,500 has been raised so far. Each 3-foot-by-2-foot banner has the photo and name of a member of the senior class. There are about 185 banners.

“We hope to let each student come pick up the banner with his or her photo as a keepsake in two or three weeks.” Students were having their photos taken with their banners this week.

Barnes said Wilkes Central seniors Cameron Watkins, Nick Hartley, Clay Johnson, Colby Lakey, Aiken Minton, Parker Davis, Caden Howell, Lauren Barnes, Olivia Felts, Katie Hubbard, Kaylyn Bang and Kylee Cheek helped parents install the banners.

He said the students and parents worked in small groups of two or three to adhere to social distancing guidelines.

The banners were printed by Eddie Settle at Nuline Studios. Brian and Kim Parker at Parker Farms and John Cothren donated t-posts on which the banners are attached.

Barnes said donations are still being sought and can be sent to Wilkes Central High School, senior banner project. He said any leftover funds will be spent on the Wilkes Central High School class of 2020.

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