The Wilkes Sheriff’s Office on Friday announced felony drug charges filed against 30 people following investigations conducted within the last four months.

Capt. Craig Dancy, who heads the sheriff’s office’s narcotics unit, said methamphetamine originating out of the U.S. is still the dominate illegal drug in Wilkes.

Seized in these most recent investigations were 1,148 grams of meth with a street value of about $41,000; 31 grams of heroin worth about $3,000; 19 grams of cocaine worth about $1,500; and 7,836 grams of marijuana worth $20,000.

Also seized were 170 pills, which Dancy said mostly was fentanyl made to look like Oxycontin or Palexia painkiller pills.

He said many of the investigations resulted from citizens reporting seeing apparent illegal drug activities.

The cases include arrests of four men whom Dancy said were supplying people in the Moravian Falls area with meth. Three of the four are charged with conspiracy to traffic in meth. They are Tevin Jammal Jones, 29, of Wilkesboro (two counts); Tyler Andrew Saner, 23, of Hamptonville; and Tory Kentrail Young, 32, of High Point.

The other one of the four, Koljuan Demaurus Baldwin, 35, of High Point, is charged with six counts of trafficking in meth and one count each of possession with intent to sell and deliver (PWISD) meth, PWISD heroin and selling a schedule I controlled substance.

Dancy said all four were arrested in Wilkesboro. He said the Yadkin County Sheriff’s Office and Jonesville Police Department assisted and also charged the four men.

He said Triad ABC assisted on the majority of the cases announced Friday. Det. Tim Sims of the Alexander County Sheriff’s Office and his drug dog, Mick, assisted in several of them also

In one case, a kilo of meth was seized when Wilkes Sheriff’s Office investigators stopped a vehicle driven by Jeffrey Jerome Reed, 57, of Jonesville. Dancy said Reed had come from Boone and was planning to distribute the meth in Wilkes.

Reed is charged with two counts of trafficking in meth, PWISD a schedule II controlled substance and maintaining a vehicle for a controlled substance.

Dancy said the investigation of Reed is tied to an investigation that resulted in the arrest of Jose Manuel Zazueta, 29, of Imperial Beach, Calif., sentenced to 90-120 months in prison last month in Wilkes Superior Court after pleading guilty to maintaining a place for controlled substances and two counts of trafficking in meth.

Dancy said Zazueta claimed to be part of the Sinaloa drug cartel, based in Mexico’s Pacific coast state of Sinaloa.

Also among cases announced Friday, Javier Narvaez II, 23, of Byrd Circle, North Wilkesboro, is charged with trafficking in meth and heroin and PWISD meth, crack cocaine and marijuana. Dancy said 100 grams of meth, 28 grams of heroin, 16 grams of cocaine and 20 grams of hashish were seized when Narvaez was arrested.

Dancy said another investigation resulted in charges against five men. Tamare Raynell Cole, 21, of Jonesville, and Malachi Isaiah Wright, 20, of Elkin, are both charged with felony possession of butane hash oil and PWISD marijuana. Jacob Anthony Blevins, 19, of Yadkinville, is charged with PWISD butane hash oil and felony possession of butane hash oil.

The other two, Gregorio Jiminez Nava, 22, and John Daniel Ralston, 24, have different addresses on Reynolds Avenue, North Wilkesboro. Nava is charged with manufacturing marijuana and two counts of trafficking in marijuana. Ralston is charged with maintaining a dwelling for keeping a controlled substance and PWISD marijuana.

Dancy said investigators learned that Cole, Wright and Blevins robbed Nava and Ralston of marijuana and products containing marijuana at Nava’s home in August. Seized in this investigation were 11 pounds of marijuana; a food product containing marijuana called “Stoneos” and made and packaged to look like Oreo cookies; 54 pre-rolled marijuana “joints;” a pound of marijuana-infused lotion; and 122 grams of vape modules containing THC.

In an unrelated case, Tristen Michael Motsinger, 19, of Colonia Heights, North Wilkesboro, is charged with trafficking in fentanyl, PWISD fentanyl, possession of cocaine and maintaining a vehicle for controlled substances.

Cody Allen Shepherd, 28, Mulberry Mill Road, North Wilkesboro, is charged with PWISD and sale of fentanyl and heroin.

Charged with PWISD meth in unrelated cases are Logan Jacob Sheets, 32, Red Top Road, Ferguson; Jason Ian McKown, 39, River Street, Wilkesboro; Aimee Denise Johnson, 45, Rock Creek Road, Hays; Floyd Jay Martin Combs, 34, Hart Lane, Millers Creek; Georgia Lynn Absher, 53, Brocktown Road, Moravian Falls; Christian Tyler Smith, 20, Yellow Banks Road, Hays;

McKown is also charged with selling meth. Johnson is also charged with PWISD schedule IV pills and PWISD marijuana. Combs is also charged with possession of drug paraphernalia. Smith is also charged with possession of meth and maintaining a vehicle for a controlled substance.

Charged with possession of meth in unrelated cases are Matthew Edward Richardson, 25, Tabernacle Road, North Wilkesboro; Melissa Sue Jones, 37, Holcomb Road, Traphill; Brooklyn Shea Lackey, 24, Austin-Little Mountain Road, Elkin; Aaliyah Diane Wolfe, 19, River Street, Wilkesboro; Wayne Thomas Miles Parsons, 40, Champion Road, Wilkesboro; David Lynn Bauguess, 45, Jennings Road, North Wilkesboro; Tiffany Nichole Walker, 37, Ruff Road, North Wilkesboro.

Richardson is also charged with possession of drug paraphernalia. Jones is also charged with possession of schedule II pills.

Charged with possession of meth and maintaining a vehicle for keeping a controlled substance in other cases are Herman Lee Shepherd, 44, Brown Berry Road, North Wilkesboro; James Michael Minton, 41, N.C. 18 South, Moravian Falls; and Alma Jean Fortner, 54, Dan Call Road, North Wilkesboro.

Michael Steven Smithey, 58, Hacketts Road, Millers Creek, is charged with possession of crack cocaine.

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