Derick Barker will preach at Garden Creek Baptist Church in Stone Mountain State Park at 9 a.m. Sunday

Justin Reavis who was named Fireman of the Year in the Felts Mill Fire Department in New York where he’s stationed with the U.S. Army. We can be proud of this young man for serving our country and volunteering in the fire department where he’s stationed.

The Crabgrass Band played at Macedonia Baptist Church Saturday in a special service celebrating a note burning. Pastor Mike Smith was delighted with the turnout.

Congratulations to Andrea Crane and Jordan Harless, who were married May 1 at the Williams Farm.

Get well wishes go to the Rev. Dean Crane and his wife, Betty.

Condolences go to the family of Dillon Hawkins. He died recently.

There’s a lot of road construction in the area so be careful and allow extra traveling time to make up for having to wait.

Happy birthday to Susanne Reavis, Lyvon Vestal and Rebecca Ayers on May 2; Dustin Smith, Sherry Hudspeth and Margie Magan on May 4; Regina Smithey, Blake Benton, Karah and Hardin Kennedy IV on May 5l Debbie Higgins on May 6; Kaitlyn Billings on May 7; and Taylor Wiles, Jacob Winebarger, Jason Reavis, Rayanna Reavis and Megan Church on May 8.

Zack and Brinsley Faircloth celebrate their first wedding anniversary on May 2; Alison and Chad Mathis, 10th on May 7; and Bernice and Howard Robinson, 44th on May 7.

Traphill had a low temperature of 41 degrees on April 26 and a high of 83 on April 28. There was a tenth of an inch of rain the week of April 25 to May 1.

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