Paralee Bentley Brock of Columbus Drive, Moravian Falls, observed her 100th birthday on April 20.

She was born to Wilson Columbus and Lulu Kerley Bentley in the family’s home in the Pores Knob community. Her siblings were Parmenas “Buddy” Bentley and Eveleyn Bentley.

The family attended Walnut Grove Baptist Church in the Pores Knob community.

Mrs. Brock started working early in life and continued all her life – and said she enjoyed it.

She remembers helping her father pick cotton, tobacco, beans and corn and work with him at a sawmill. Also when she was young, she worked for R. Don Laws at his Yellow Jacket Lake, a popular recreational attraction that once was in Moravian Falls. Laws was her cousin.

She worked in orchards picking apples and graded apples at the Brushy Mountain Apple Co-Op in Moravian Falls. She also worked at Schneider Mills Inc. in Taylorsville.

She met Fred Brock of Moravian Falls, the man she married, while working at City Café in downtown North Wilkesboro.

The couple ran two different country stores, one in the Vashti community and the other in the Brushy Mountain community.

Mrs. Brock had two sons, the late Ernest William “Sonny” Brock and the late Fred Brock. She had four daughters, Hattie Garrett, Margaret Johnson and Betty Robinson and the late Linda Brock. She has eight grandchildren and 16 great-grandchildren.

Her husband, deceased children and other deceased family members are buried at the Walnut Grove Baptist Church Cemetery. Her parents and other kin are buried at Old Kerley Town Cemetery in the Vashti community of northern Alexander County.

Mrs. Brock was honored with a birthday party on April 20, organized by her daughters.

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